Ranking the teams

ok...one week in. How do you rank the teams that you watched? Mine:

Winnipeg; Tough and Talented.
Toronto: Surprising to me but they looked great.
Calgary: Still the Stamps but need to play with more urgency. Not uncommon for them to take a game or two to round into play.
Sask: hard to say what all happened in the second half. Scary efficient in first half.
Hamilton: to me they are a soft team that needs to tell Banks to grow up.
Edmonton: Surprisingly flat and slow. Biggest surprise to me.
Ottawa: Solid fortunate win but looks like Nicholls arm is shot.
BC: I think this team is in some disarray.. Reilly seems to be the defacto coach and that is not his role and they cant just keep shooting him up with cortisone.

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Good analysis, everyman. I totally agree. Toronto could be the surprise. They have top National players. Only 1 game, but Hamilton and Edmonton did not look like Grey Cup finalists as most media and experts have predicted. As I wrote, only 1 game.


Not going to rank teams when they haven't even played a game.

But I think the question about Toronto being competitive or not has been answered. Ticats have their hands full if they want to play for the GC at home.

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Not going to rank teams when they haven't even played a game.

But I think the question about Toronto being competitive or not has been answered. Ticats have their hands full if they want to play for the GC at home.


hence the statement of who you watched.

Can we still call them the Esks? Or is that verboten on these here boards?

…just my thoughts but I’d say yes if it’s in a historical context, but the team that played the other night is the Elks so referring to them by anything else going forward doesn’t make sense…

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Just call them the Elkimos .

I don't believe in rankings. This isn't college jive. Pros use standings and nothing else.

Cool. Then dont rank. Simple

Toronto's defense will win them some games this year. Probably the best defense on paper coming in.

I think it's really tough to rank the teams after a week this year. No exhibition games is huge. It's pretty tough to judge a rookie ( including coaches and coordinators) in his first step into action.Even Vets are hard to judge because of the year off. I know everyone is on the same footing but different people will be effected in different ways. There were certainly lots of surprising moments. As a Bomber fan I loved what I saw and hopefully it's just a start . I think the muddy waters will clear a bit next week but perhaps not.

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Winnipeg: good everywhere unless Collaros if injured

Calgary: Mayala and Huff impressed in 2019 and continue in this way. Mitchell was good, the defense a little less. Ante Milanovich could become a good RB, wich was the team's main issue in 2019 IMO.

Sask: can't explain the choke in the second half but they still have their mojo from 2019.

Toronto: Macbeth was better than I expected, just like the defense, altough they got too much penalties. Team should be competitive.

Hamilton: dunno if Hamilton or Edmonton should have been ranked here but I guess it's a question of rust. Let's not forget that their defense also pinned Winnipeg's offense in the second half.

Edmonton: Good receivers, defense pinned down ottawa's offensive (wich is not that great) but they perform only if Harris isn't stressed in the first 5 to 7 minutes. He has the same problem of choking at the wrong moments.

BC: notable addition of Lucky Whitehead and Dominique Rhymes upgrade a receiving corps that was already good and the defense may be not that bad, but the problems of 2019 look bigger. The Oline was not that good and the rushing game was nonexistent. reilly needs to come back asap.

Ottawa: even with the victory I class them last. Like Montreal for years, the defense is more than decent but the offensive is animic. The receiving corps doesn't have star starters except of RJ Harris, Timothy Flanders doesn't look like a solution as RB and I doubt Matt Nichols, even healthy, is the Qb type that can bring the Redblacks upward.

So you rank Calgary at #2 even with a big loss at home?

Hoping a week off will assist Ottawa's O-Line to gel a bit and Nicholls find his arm.

I will give Flanders a better chance - - O-Line didn't help him too much and also noticed that Coombs wasn't involved at all so not sure if he is hurting or just not part of the plan - but Flanders could benefit from more of a balanced attack that just couldn't materialize with Nicholls' play.

Wouldn't say this last year, but let's hope he can round up to 100 yards

I think you have to start by putting 2 or 3 1st downs together first! I think they had two drives the whole game.

i was a big Flanders fan when he was in Winnipeg but looks to e carrying 20 extra lbs

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I thought they got paid in Canadian$$

Not that I saw too much of the action this past week:

Montreal (only 'cause they o anything negative)
Ottawa (I am a fan but . . . . got away with one Saturday night)