Ranking The Games That Interest You - Week 4

  1. Hamilton - SRR (winner Hamilton)
  2. Ottawa - Montreal (winner Ottawa)
  3. Edmonton - Toronto (winner Edmonton)
  4. B.C. - Winnipeg (winner Winnipeg)

ORBs @ Als
Ticats @ Riders
Esks @ Argos
Leos @ Bombers

Rooting for: Ottawa, Sask, Edmonton, and Winterpeg

Looking forward to

Havent a clue who is going to win in WPG but guessing Bombers.
No reason to expect that Argos to win, but then mont.……..
Als had their big game for now, back to earth they come. RBs to win I think
Ticats coming off 2 big wins vs Riders coming off 2 losses. I think Riders due at home

Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to any one game this week.
They all seem to be situations where one team is a clear favourite.

Thus, my picks are to go with those favourites:

Blue Bombers

My laugh for the day. :slight_smile:

I just saw that after their consultations with indigenous people in the north, Edmonton will NOT be changing their name.

I will revert to referring to them as Eskimos.

What's the best place to search out the series history between two CFL teams?

The internet. :wink:

TBH, I wouldn't have a clue where to even start.

From 'Stats Junkie': The CFL has a hosting site with a number of stats packages available

Open or download The 2018 CFL Guide and Record book:

and go to pages 22/23.

Far out. Thanks.

ok, who is the only one not wearing rider green glasses that called this one right 8)