Ranking The Games That Interest You - Week 3

Ottawa - Calgary
Winnipeg - Hamilton
Montreal - SRR
BC - Edmonton

most games with mont will be my least fav

actually, I am pretty even in how much I am looking forward to each of the other 3 games this week.

Winnipeg - Hamilton--two exciting quarterbacks.
Montreal - SRR--maybe Saskatchewan will be a little easier for Montreal?
BC - Edmonton
Calgary - Ottawa--since Calgary's been so dominant some games just don't seem a fair match

ORBs @ Stamps
Als @ Riders
Bombers @ Ticats
Leos @ Esks

Who I'm pulling for: ORBs, Riders, Bombers, Leos

Ottawa - Calgary
BC - Edmonton
Winnipeg - Hamilton
Montreal - SRR

Who I'm pulling for : Ottawa, Hamilton, SRR and Edmonton.

How anyone can have any Alouettes game above the bottom of this list is beyond me.

My list:
BLACKREDS - Stampeders
BBombers - Tiger-Cats
Lions - Inuit
Alouettes - Roughriders

BLACKREDS and Stampeders both looked impressive last week, thus their first place ranking.
Ditto for BBombers and Tiger-Cats, but Bombers were good against a hapless Alouettes team, so second place.
Lions were not particularly impressive against Alouettes in week 1, and Eskimos were humbled by the Tabbies last week, so third place.
Alouettes - Roughriders were both ugly in losses last week.

Half the fun is rooting for your favourite team.

The other half is rooting against your favourite team's primary rival.

If you aren't routinely doing both, then you are missing out on exactly half the fun.

Some also like cheering on the underdog. Until the Als win a game or 2 they are the ultimate underdog in most eyes.