Ranking the CFL's team logos from best to worst

Ottawa's duds would be an improvement .

BC uniform is pretty good as well .

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The second helmet would be my choice for the double blue .

Yes - Ottawa could use a good refresher - - something to emphasize the RED WHITE & BLACK more. Also wish the league would get away from similar uniform patterns between teams. They should all get to be "creative".

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Best Al’s uniform and logo I’ve seen.

Forgot to add this one. This concept is a beaut, not sure why Calgary is so obsessed with Ottawa's Colours (Red and Black)...

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Love it . Maybe make the pants a darker Grey .

Away concept jersey

Found these Ticat ones at the same site.


Are these a real thing?

Fan made concept made by a member of Chris Creamers Sportslogo site. The others ones I posted (the non Nike Combat ones) were made by a poster over on Riderfans.com named Joe747.

Joe actually had a significant amount more of them. IIRC he even made like 3 or 4 different Atlantic Schooners uniforms, 2-3 different Bombers uni designs, and etc, but when Riderfans went on the fritz and switched services to another provider, most of the data was lost I think.

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It looks that for us, Als fans, we'll be back in the sixties again.

I loved the 60s uniforms. Loved those wing helmets.

The 60s teams? Not so much. . .

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I agree. In my opinion, these unis+helmets were the best. Unfortunately, they bring to mind the horrible sixties.

You could start out by getting the team's name right ... it's 'Roughriders'.

Oops , so sorry about that banjo - bowl , my mistake. I tell you what if you like and to make it up to you and to show you there is no hard feelings you can call my team any name you like . :thinking:

Logos are a product of their era. They are a lot like clothing trends. Ultra simplistic logos like Montreal and Edmonton is what is trendy right now. Cartoon Animals had their era. Angular logos had theirs.

Well the final results are officially in from 3D-Nation's poll . So without further adieu let's see the rankings and see if any of us got all 9 teams in the exact same order .

…um, the stamps were using black in their unis before the RBs were even a thing, but why let facts get in the way of your thoughts eh?