Ranking the CFL's team logos from best to worst

I figured this might be a nice little time waster with plenty of room for open debate and opinion .

For the record (for what it's worth)here are my rankings from #1 to #9 (using the logos shown in the article)

#1......B.C. Lions
#2......Hamilton Ti-Cats
#3......Toronto Argonauts
#4......Edmonton Elks
#5......Calgary Stampeders
#6.....Ottawa REDBLACKS
#7.....Saskatchewan Rough Riders
#8.....Winnipeg Bluebombers
#9....Montreal Alouettes

The CFL had too many letter logos especially for such a small league so I geared it more towards having something that clearly identifies that team from other teams.

Really like what they did with the Argos boat and Als logo . I think the Elks will be a work in progress but I still like the new style hoping the green they use is a darker green colour .

Rough Riders
Blue Bombers

I couldn't agree more about the too many letter logos . It's probably why I ranked those logos from #6 thru #9 . The Argos would've been down there as well if they still hard their boring looking generic "A" on their helmets . I've always hated Toronto with a passion but I always thought their boat logo was interesting and innovative . I'm glad that they resurrected it and brought it back out of mothballs .

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Tiger Cats
Rough Riders
Blue Bombers

The Tiger Cats logo is way out front of any of these teams logo designs in the past 40 years. Elks and alouettes should be flushed.

Some of the defunct US based teams had team logos better than 5 of the present day teams.

Hamilton- #1 by far
Toronto- the boat is back
BC- always liked the cougar
Calgary-nice and clean
Edm- not bad for a change
Montreal- ok, good attempt to try to come up with something new
Sask: always like the speedy S. Riders wearing uniforms with old S too much
Ottawa: dating myself, but I always liked the simple block R. new one ok. I guess some Letter logos are ok.
Winnipeg: too simple, yet I was so happy when they went back to this and the colour scheme.

I agree, too many with just lettered logos. Knocked down points in the priority list.

I kinda wish that Winnipeg would go back to the more stylized football bolt logo they used to have with the "W" in the background . I have to confess though that I'm a little bias here as my son played 5 years of minor league ball and the team name was Stoney Creek Bombers with this logo on their helmet .


Even just the bolt going thru the W without the ball would add something unique to the logo .

I believe they just had a bolt at one time on their helmet many years ago .

It looks too much like the University of Washington with just a W .



Montréal would have been first with the previous angry bird logo

I will qualify this - there is a difference between overall uniform and logo. This is just the logo.
1- BC (clever, busy but not over the top, appropriate for a football team)
2-Hamilton ( well though-out, appropriate for a football team)
3-Calgary (best overall uniforms. The white stallion on its own is nice, but doesn't pop off page)
4-Montreal (weird, yet kinda cool)
5-Edmonton (Elks) (weird, yet kinda cool)

           -now we get into the simple letters of college/high school teams

6-Ottawa (a letter, but fairly thoughtful with the saw blade)
7-Saskatchewan (a letter, but slightly thoughtful with the ornate wheat)
8-Toronto (a letter, a sliver of thoughtful with the shield, but not really)
9-Winnipeg (common man! A plain white W? you can do better!)

Here goes....
1- Ticats....fierce.
2- Stamps.....classic.
3- Lions....retro cool.
4- Bombers....block letters always good.
5- Redblacks....it’s got a saw.
6- Als....finally no cartoon.
7- Riders....boring.
8- Argos....meh.
9- Elks...the neck thing bugs me.

The Stamps logo bugs me because of SMU and of course the Ford Mustang Logo . Just looks too similar .

I like it as a image it looks good but I hate it for the lack of trade mark type distinction that you really want for branding purposes .

How about adding the CFL shield to poll.

Would prefer the helmet logo.

Would take some getting used to the ELKS logo.

They should also keep the EE shield as well.

Whether in the Ford Mustang or Calgary Stampeders, that iconic horse is the symbol of excellence

Ticats logo the worst! :wink:

The Argos logo is pretty nice.

After initially hating the Als new logo, I now actually like it.

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[quote="Johnny_Ticat_slayer, post:14, topic:71035"]

Ticats logo the worst! :wink:

The Argos logo is pretty nice.

After hating the Als new logo, I now actually like it.

Johnny my man , how ya doing bud ? hope things are going well with you . You old Ti-Cat hater you . :grinning:

Things are pretty good Bobo, thanks for asking!

I hope things are all good with you and your family.


  1. Toronto Argonauts
  2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  3. Edmonton Elks
  4. BC Lions
  5. Ottawa Redblacks
  6. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  7. Calgary Stampeders
  8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - It's just a "W".
  9. Montreal Alouettes - Ultimate Warrior's family and WWE called, and they want their Warrior symbol back.

I like these concepts

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