Ranking the CFL's Fan base - Ticats Fans 7th

Ticats Fans are ranked 7th. :thdn:

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/999376-cfl-ranking-the-cfls-fanbases#/articles/999376-cfl-ranking-the-cfls-fanbases/page/3]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/9993 ... ses/page/3[/url]

Can't argue too much, the only problem is when they say that "Tabbies' current stadium is extremely outdated, having opened in the 1920's" The current stadium did NOT open in the 1920s, the oldest part of the stadium dates back to 1959 and the newer North side in 1971.

Another problem is that the author didn't do any actual research, and sounds like an adolescent Bombers fan. The whole thing reads like an opinionated scribble someone did to pass the time while they were supposed to be listening to their algebra teacher.

Yeah...and the Riders who didn't make the playoffs, make more money in merchandise sales then any other franchise and sold out every game in a 5-13 season are ranked 3rd. :roll: