Ranking teams by profitability

Montreal( dont believe a work Wetenhall's says)
Winnipeg( should be no. 3 if they got a free stadium like everyone else)
Toronto ( Id bump them up two spots if they can actually sell out the season)
Calgary( Flames have been awful owners)
BC( the only unprofitable team in the league .. Braley needs to go....Not to Skulsky or the Canucks.

assumption or sourced?

"( dont believe a work Wetenhall's says)"

That gives it away. The "source" is a random number generator in Bungle's mind.

The only three teams that make their balance sheets public are the Esks, Riders and Bombers.
The other teams owned by millionaires or corporations are private don't make their balance sheets public and we would just be guessing.
But you could do an estimate by looking at the expenses of the Esks, Riders,Bombers and how much they bring in from ticket sales, concessions etc. If you look at corporate sponsorship the Riders and Esks take in about $4m, I would imagine with the popularity out west that the eastern teams wouldn't bring in that much.
All teams get around $4m from the TV contract.

It's pretty hard to make an accurate list because most of the teams don't release their numbers. Even the teams that do (Sask, Edm, and Winnipeg), put profits back into the team to make improvements.

If there's one thing positive to take out of this thread, is that it beats a thread that says "Rank teams by how much money they lose" which was the case 10 years ago.

Sometimes I wonder if the CFL should run more like a league that totally equalizes all payments but then a low team like, well won't say :wink: would benefit too much from doing next to zilch for marketing, promotion etc. compared with teams that spend the money on this and the effort.

Can't believe the Lions with that stadium aren't profitable. Ok, I know the routine "it's Braley's fault". That's the standard BC take I guess. :lol:

But yes, the CFL and TSN need to make sure like the NFL that all teams are profitable, even those on the low market side ensuring of course that teams that do put in an effort into marketing and promotion gain from that financially in some aspect.

I would think the teams get more like $3 to $3.5M from the TV contract,.
The League would probably take a large share for their expenses
League Office expenditures
Executive salaries
Drug testing
3 Combines

I think the league should become a single entity, one employer for all.

On a level playing field where money is not hidden and all teams have the same expenses...


If I were to guess...


Likely the same place as the mandated thing on penalties?

Why does everyone think BC is in such bad shape?

I don’t think they are in horrid shape, but I think they are lagging. The fact they are likely turning a profit is a solid statement for the state of the league right now when only a couple seasons ago 2-3 were in the red.

BC has not done a great job of drawing new blood in in recent years, but there is still reasonable attendance…it has definitely dropped though…so yes, there are some concerns there…the state of the Lions franchise has regressed in recent years IMO.

Curious to know what you feel is so special about “that stadium”?

Other than having a laugh at how more than a half BILLION taxpayer dollars could be wasted, what’s the attraction that the old BC Place stadium ?

Unless you’re amazed by a tarp roof that (shockingly) leaks or an LED scoreboard that was ruined by a rainstorm (who knew electricity and water don’t mix?) there’s sure not much to see.

They've been going steadily downhill since 2008 - - when Bobby Ackles died.

Contrary to the myths about Slumlord Braley "saving" the Lions, the person who actually saved the team was Ackles.

In 2008 every single home game had more than 30,000 in attendance and they averaged 34,082. In 2015 not one single game had 30,000 and they averaged a pathetic 21,290 per game.

Its funny every once in a while we hear complaints about the community owned teams but they really are the most stable, profitable teams in the league in my opinion.

Firstly, Montrea recieves the highest corporate sponsorship in the league, Second, they have the most expensive tickets in the league. Lastly the 25% total is quoted in one of these articles

[url=https://www.google.ca/search?q=cfl+reduce+penalties+football&oq=cfl+reduce+penalties+football&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.18224j0j4&client=ms-android-motorola&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#q=cfl+looks+to+cut+hundreds+of+penalties]https://www.google.ca/search?q=cfl+redu ... +penalties[/url]

The Alouettes have an exclusive and lucrative contract with RDS which televises all their games. The Als have consistently made money since they started having 20,000 sellouts at McGill, a decade or more ago.

The Lions are also a profitable business, their president said as much in a recent interview. The team has consistently made money over the past several seasons at the renovated B.C. Place. The Lions started turning a profit in 2003 and really haven't looked back since...and that's not even including the $10M bonuses from the multiple Grey Cups the Lions have hosted over the past few seasons.

Even the Ti-Cats boasted a profit last year, the first time in over 30 seasons! Only the little 'ole Riders lost money...and apparently a ton of it. That's surprising considering they spent $40M or whatever last year (although not all on player salaries). The Riders do have $27M or so in their reserve fund (which is dwarfed by the Esks huge reserves). Oh, the poor little CFL, can it survive much longer? :wink:

Never been in BC Place Stadium but on TV the stadium with the enhancements really does look sharp IMHO.

The stadium is quite beautiful after the renovations of 2009-11. Really nice with the roof open and sun streaming in.
Obviously better when full which football doesn't do. Right downtown, by the water, beside the hockey stadium. Can walk anywhere from there. Just too big. And they have no idea how to make it lively inside so they play non stop music LOUD. But it's beautiful...no question.