Ranking of games to watch in June

Popular American sports blog Awful Announcing gives their rankings from worst to first of the ten CFL games being shown in the month of June on ESPN+ and ESPN2.

Their rankings.

10 - Montreal @ Edmonton

9 - Montreal @ Hamilton

8 - Hamilton @ Toronto

7 - Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

6 - Edmonton @ Winnipeg

5 - Winnipeg @ BC

4 - BC @ Edmonton

3 - Saskatchewan @ Ottawa

2 - BC @ Calgary

1 - Ottawa @ Calgary

Hard to argue with their reasoning.

Hamilton at Toronto should be higher .

I would probably put Winnipeg @ BC in the top 3 as well

The #3 is move down to 6 or 7…but a respectable ranking overall and nice concept

Yes agree Ottawa and Saskatchewan are not looking so good with questionable QB’s plus Ottawa lost it’s OC and Sask lost it’s HC .

It’s uphill for them .

I expect to watch all games anyhow, but my rankings for the 10 mentioned would be

1 - BC @ Edmonton

2 - Winnipeg @ BC

3 - BC @ Calgary

4 - Edmonton @ Winnipeg

5 - Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

6 - Hamilton @ Toronto

7 - Ottawa @ Calgary

8 - Saskatchewan @ Ottawa

9 - Montreal @ Hamilton

10 - Montreal @ Edmonton

Wow, the Ticats get two Divisional games in June? Nice.


Last year’s league worst team playing a team with a losing record from last year.
Rivalry can’t overcome incompetence.

Everybody sees things different , looking at the predictions here about 11 are picking the Argos 2nd and one even first .

With the new coaching staff assembled there seems to be optimism for the Argos this year .

I could be wrong like many here as anything can turn south quickly but the Argos don’t look that bad right now compared to the rest of the east .

I wonder if the CFL will move up time-wise the Riders-Cats game on Thursday if the Raptors are playing which they could be if they don’t close out the NBA Finals on Monday? Mind you the Raps game has a starting time of 9:00 so maybe not a huge issue. Potentially not good timing for the CFL this year with this.

Anyways, hoping to watch all the games if possible. All sort of equal to me for watching.

Went to the BC/Stamps game June 7th and it was first class for an exhibition game.
BC has 3 great quarterbacks.

Really? Where are they hiding the other two? :wink:

You can’t take anything away from Kraemer who should be in line for 2nd. Great arm and he came in like gangbusters.

he showed some raw potential but many have flashed, few have passed