Ranking Free Agency - Team by team

  1. Edmonton Eskimos - Picked up Lloyd, Lumsden, Kai Ellis, Graeme Bell, Scott Gordon, etc. Maciocia had the best couple days so far by far.
  2. Toronto Argonauts - Improved their worst position by adding the best OT in the CFL and a great young Canadian centre to replace Chad Folk. Overpaid for both of them, but they have a total disregard for the salary cap anyway (even though they will be under the cap come audit time, wink wink) so its no loss to them.
  3. Calgary and Montreal tied - If it ain't broke don't fix it. Signed all of the players they wanted to retain from their Grey Cup teams. All they needed to do to remain competitive.
  4. Hamilton - Gauthier is a great pick-up. Kirk is a special teamer, not an impact player on D, but brings solid Canadian depth. Lost Lumsden. Haven't addressed D-Line or other OT. Claybrooks could be a quick fix while they draft for the future.
  5. BC - Lost Murphy, signed McKenzie from Riders. Re-signed Jiminez.
  6. Winnipeg - Lost Gauthier, Picard, Bell. Brock Ralph for Nugent is a good pick-up.
  7. Saskatchewan - Lost McKenzie and Lloyd. Resigned Boreham.

As little as the Cats did, you have to put them ahead of Calgary and Montreal.

I think most everyone would trade Lumsden for Gauthier so we are plus where the other two above teams did nothing.

I agree re: the Gauthier for Lumsden trade logic, but I ranked Hamilton behind those two teams because they did all they needed to do, which just happened to be re-sign their FA's, and I don't know if Hamilton has done enough.

I agree with what people are saying about building a team through the draft and scouting, but I think we need to sign FA's to return us to credibility while we develop our young talent.

I think that your thread title is a little off then.
Free agency started Feb.16.

You are looking for the best off season.

Is Edmonton ranked first due to quality or quantity of moves? Isn't football a sport where player continuity is essential to success?

I like the part where you grade the teams off-season 72 hours after free agency starts, and more than 3 months before any player has stepped on a football practice field let alone played an actual game.

That is almost as frustrating as draft grades one minute after the draft ends.

Oy Vey!

I apologize if I sound rude, maybe all this Lumsden lunacy is finally getting to me!

  • paul

How is Brock Ralph for Nugent have anything to do with free agency?

My choice of team that did the best in FA is Toronto. They got the most coveted guy in Murphy and added the best young centre in the league. Team that did worst is Winnipeg losing 3 of their 4 starting NI linesmen.