Ranking CFL stadiums

Having grown up a CFL fan while living on the boarder (Windsor) I'm thinking of taking a trip to catch my first live CFL game. Out of curiosity which stadiums are the best in terms of location and design? Proximity to bars, restaurants, and hotels being a factor.

For me Hamilton and Toronto are close, but Montreal seems to be the most entertaining team in the east.

In terms of proximity to bars, probably Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal then Hamilton in the east.

Best overall experience is probably a very hard decision, except to place Toronto last....for this year. Next year might be a different story in BMO.

How would you rank all nine team stadiums by design and environment?

I've only been to 5 ( all the East teams plus IGF in Winnipeg), so I can't answer that.
You'll have to wait for someone else's opinion.

IGF in Winnipeg is not located near many bars or restaurants because it is on a University campus. So I'm assuming it should be excluded from your list. Although it is currently the nicest stadium in the league for watching a CFL game.

...if proximity to hotels, bars and restaurants is your governing metric of comparison then BC Place and Roger's Centre have to be tied at the top seeing they're basically situated right in downtown Vancouver/Toronto...then perhaps Montreal right behind them....

Vancouver also has the sky train that stops a block away but bars a plenty in the area.
What's the status of Calgary getting a new stadium.

Here's my current list for top stadiums in Canada and CFL football fan experience overall.

  1. Mosiac Field Regina
  2. Commonwealth Stadium Edmonton
  3. McMahon Stadium Calgary
  4. BC Place Stadium Vancouver
  5. Investors Group Field Winnipeg
  6. Tim Horton's Field Hamilton
  7. McGill Montreal
  8. TD Bank Field Ottawa
  9. Rogers Centre Toronto

Just an honest CFL opinion!


...lots of rumours floating about before the provincial election, nothing since....literally nothing...

If your making a weekend of it. You can't beat Montreal. If your just looking to catch a game Hamilton is the place to go.

In the East definately Ottawa Number 1, fantastic place to watch a football game and restaurants and bars right in the old Lansdowne park area. Outside the park on Bank St plenty of restaurants and bars.
The new BMO is going to be a fantastic place to watch a football game too, plenty of bars within walking distance in Liberty Village next door, a huge hotel complex going up in the CNE grounds and the downtown hotels close by too.
In terms of design? Montreal is pretty basic with a lot of bench seats, it’s in the university so nothing closeby and a bit of a walk to the bars and restaurants.

We are doing a weekend CFL road trip on the weekend of the 7th, Ottawa for the Friday night game then on to Toronto for the Saturday night game and Hamilton on Sunday.

^^This - minus the grammatical errors.^^ :wink:

Dude that's going to be a hell of a game against Montreal, I might consider it.

In Montreal, you have to walk a little bit south of the stadium before finding a bar. Ottawa has bars / restaurants immediately across from TD place's doors - joey's and the Local.

I have a feeling that silence will be for a long time... the NDP are not noted for building stadiums... the new Mosaic will be 278 million(maybe even above 300K) after all is said and done... a few people feel that money could have been better spent on highways etc... I'm not against the new stadium in Regina, but having taxpayers foot the bill for it when Regina's former mayor said he had private investors (Regina Revitalization Initiative) leaves a bit of a bad aftertaste in one's mouth. The RRI was just a big red herring.

Are your friends CFL fans or do they hate the CFL like you? I suggest while on this trip that you just shut your mouth and try to keep your anti CFL ideas to yourself and enjoy your the experience with your friends.. Don't be your usual self and wreck the trip for everyone

Slim goes on a road trip with his buddies.

Still a heck of a lot better than Saskatoon blowing money on an Arts centre that nobody but a few socially elite few wanted and will draw in less than half of what one rider game draws on a yearly basis.

I thought that might be Mr. Bungle

not by much though... take a trip down highway 42 and see if its money well spent...