Rank the teams' offseason (so far)

I know we haven’t got to the draft yet and there might still be a lot of action before training camp starts, but for the sake of entertainment and debate, give your grades to the CFL teams so far for what they’ve done since November 28th.

Here are mine:


  • Talk about being active. I don’t even think it’ll be able to recognize the team on the field next year. They added so many players and coaches it’s hard to hold count. Maas and Ranek definately are two solid commitment to getting back atop respectability. The Cats also re-signed the few FA who were worth it. The only downturn of all this movement is players will need some time to gel together, but that is a problem any rebuilding team is willing to live with. The Cats never were this active with Lancaster as the GM.


  • Hard to knock on the reigning Grey Cup champs, especially since they re-signed their stars and got Reggie Durden and Rob Brown on the run. Sure, they let Davis Sanchez go, but at some point, you need to free up some cash when you’re so packed with talent.


  • Philion signed. Chiu signed. Flory signed. Stewart signed. Strickland signed. Karikari signed. And most importantly, Ted White sacked! The Als for once retained all its important FA and managed to get 5 quarterbacks at the training camp, including one with true CFL experience. They also got ever effectice Davis Sanchez back, which will help fill in for the sorry-@sses cornerbacks we had last year. Our most important loss was Doug Berry, who probably can be replaced adequately.


  • Beside letting a few FA slip by (most of which were back-ups), they did pretty much everything they had to. What good can Eric Crouch do, and how will Stokes and Levingston coexist is yet to be seen, but it look good so far. They should however do something fast with talented bad-@ss Mike O’Shea, because such a playmaker won’t be replaceable with pending free agents. There are still questio-marks surrounding the Boatmen’s running game.


  • Ok, they haven’t got as much improvement as they had press, but the Karikari saga really put them in the news lately. Most of the moves they did seem like the ones to do. Berry and Marshall were the off-season’s highlight for the Bombers. Adding Barrin Simpson sure helped big time too, and Taman must feel relieved Gavin Walls isn’t going anywhere in the NFL. They however lost a lot of time pursuing Richard Karikari, haven’t yet replaced Thunderboot Jon Ryan and haven’t done anything to help at the QB position. Will Glenn be enough? Will he be well-protected enough? We’ll see.


  • What have they done? Pretty much nothing. Or if so, I missed it. Must have blinked at the wrong time. I must say they did not have anyone important to lose on the FA market and looked solid enough in the second half of the season last year to try to go back to the field with the very same elements.


  • Got back a few FAs, lost a few. Got a kicker with a mustach. Let a QB leave for the NFL, plssed off the other. Haven’t change a lot of things for a team that lost 8 of their last 9 games… Bah…


  • I probably missed what they did if they acted at all. All I noticed was they lost their kicker, have their best receiver still on the market, did not improve their quarterbacking. They clearly weren’t Grey Cup material in 2005 so improvements were mandatory. Where are they?


  • Come on man. I wanted to give them a passing grade, but how could I? They first gave an enormous (and illegal) contract to a guy whose entry to the country could be denied for he tried to drown his girlfriend. Then lost time pusuing Doug Flutie who clearly wants no part in coming back to the CFL as a player. Then make the circus hit new low with internal battles between newly appointed coach and GM and the owner’s private consultants, which led to the departure of crazy mo’fo Lonie Glieberman (could count as a positive if it wasn’t a new distraction keeping FAs at distance). And all through that waltz of fatalistic turns of events, free agents kept leaving ship. At least, they retained Joseph, Murphy and Banks. But what a sad team.

Pretty good analysis Third, hard to argue those grades. Being a tough old f*rt, the only changes I would have made were to drop the Lions to C minus and Roughriders to D. I think you were a bit too charitable with both.

.......in defense of my squad, because really, what do I care about the rest? :stuck_out_tongue:...I'd say the Stamps didn't even have to go to summer school to improve their grades and should therefore not even be graded.....when your team goes 7-2 for the last half of the season, all your major players are signed to long term deals and the only off-season chore is to ensure your OC and DC return to the fold I'd say you're sitting pretty, let the others scramble for improvement....grade that a B if you want my friend, I'll justify it by saying that is the result of not acquiring a suitable backup QB......the jury is still out on the Gesser/Wimprine/Harris trio until training camp shows me differently.....

Sportsmen, I believe you are right with the Lions' and Riders' grades. They deserve to be whipped.

Red, my grades do not reflect the overall quality of each team, but their actions during the last months. I was the first to admit the Stamps did not need to look for much, except for a suitable replacement for Mister Crysdale, and maybe a fullback.

But I can't give your team a high grade (not even a Highgrade) if you went inactive. Maybe the Ticats will not gel before week 20 and will suffer another disastrous year. But that's not the point here. They did try to improve by making moves that look good on paper.

By the way, I think your back-up QBs are okay. Don't be too hard on them for they had to maintain the ship in the right direction for quite a few weeks and had no CFL experience. In the context, they did good.

Stamps inactive,eh.

All that inactivity has all our players and coaches resigned.

Crysdale was suitably replaced last yr.

WOW, Pretty accurate man!
The Gades are pathetic. Sure they got management issues but it's like nobody is workin gon signing the players!

Maybe I should go try out for the gades :smiley:
Who are you talking about that tried to drown his g-f?

3 & 10 did a good analysis. His findings are what they have done in the off season. But again it might be a bit early the Stamps have 4 camps in the states to bring in some talent to challenge what is a very good line up. And I am sure other teams are doing the same. It was very apparent after the FA signings of last year you would expect the Stamps would not jump into the FA's this year. A few FA's added to a team is ok but I believe recruitment is the big pluses to a team.

Kyries Hebert. If my memory's good, he argued with his girlfriend over a phone bill. She must have had a better argument than him, because he concluded the conversation by punching her in the face and holding her head underwater in the bath.

For real!
So he's NOT coming back?

That means Ottawa has the WORST LB's and by FAR!
Man, they are gonna suck sooooo bad.
In my game, none of the 5 left are above 80 in rating!!

Well, the story I told you obviously is his girlfriend's version. Hebert was not found guilty of anything...yet. So if she takes back her charges or if a judge gets no conclusive proof that he did it, he'll be back. I don't know where's that story at now.

The Rens should give a contract to Ryan Folk. The Bombers clearly told him he was not going to get an offer from them. He's no big deal either, but at least he's been a CFLer for some times. Might help a team like Ottawa.

Wasn't he the one we traded for Ricky Bell? Gotta wonder why the Bombers would trade for a guy, have him only for 4 games and then not re-sign him.

They should also try to get back that guy they released mid-way through the preseason. What was his name?... The one who was able to reach and tackle Ezra Landry after he eluded everyone on a punt return. That guy hunted in down to the five yards line. ... Can't find his name... He tried out for one game with Montreal after being released by the Rens...

…nice work Third…you forgot the Stamps signed Darnell McDonald…don;t know if that gets them a ‘B’…but heh you’re doing a fine ranking job… :wink:

I think the rankings are pretty accurate, but I'd give Saskatchewan a much lower grade; they need to improve and have done diddly squat...give them a D minus. And for you Calgary fans, I think you are okay at backup QB. I'd make Harris your number 2 this year, he really impressed me last year, lots of raw talent, give him some experience and I think he's going to be a future star in this league. Keep him and Gesser, lose Wimprine he didn't impress me at all.

I think Calgary are okay in the backup dept…Gesser will be fine.

.......3rd, I wasn't looking for a higher grade, just wasn't sure there should be a grade at all........I agree with your assessment though and the analysis is solid........

Have to agree with 3nd, couldn't have said it better my self. seems like WPG is now in the playoff picture (if you base it on this), Ottawa, well, :cry: what could possibly go wrong for them now?

Kanga I believe these ratings are for what they did in the off season not a prediction where they will be during the up coming season. If that was the case the bombers would be 5th in the west!

best off season:
1-hamilton ( added 4 STAR free agents )
2-winnipeg ( added 2 stars -simpson & AJIII-which addressed biggest needs )
3-toronto ( added 1 star to a position they didnt really need help at )
4-calgary ( kept thier good players )
4-edmonton ( dido )
4-als ( dido )

3-saskatchewan ( lost a guy or 2 and havent addressed any needs )
2-bc lions ( dido )
1-ottawa ( let tons of key players go, without replacing any of them and might fold..cant get much worse )

I’m not really a fan of Dido’s music, though she is cute.

Didn’t know she signed with Edmonton, Montreal, and B.C., though. :lol: