Rank the Teams after 2 weeks.

Well we are one ninth of the way through the season. Rank the teams as of how they have played.

1: Edmonton: Played weak teams so far, but Ray has looked good.
2: Saskatchewan: Looked great against Winnipeg, but darn near gave that game to Hamilton.
3. B.C: Played an all around good game against Toronto. But the O-line needs to get better.
4. Toronto: Played well and lost to B.C, played poorly and won against Calgary.
5.Montreal: Did not look outstanding versus Hamilton, and the Ottawa game is one to forget. Matthews will have them turning it around though.
6.Ottawa: Played 7 terrible quarters, and one great one.
7.Calgary: Showed signs of improvment against the Argos, only reason their down so far is due to bye-week.
8.Hamilton: Offence is a nitemare, defence is suspect. Something needs to happen at Quarterback. Troy Davis can’t do it all.
9. Winnipeg: 1997 all over again.

I’d agree with that.

Going by their win/loss , record…I would agree…but as you wrote…EDMONTON , has NOT been really tested…yet…but you are right RAY looks great…against weaker teams…

MONTREAL vs. EDMONTON…should be a great test…for both teams…

The ARGOS plays SASK…in TORONTO…and that will be a test for both teams as well… :wink:

I have to agree, great job on the power rankings! :wink:

Power Rankings

  1. BC - Beat the defending champs on the road. Looked good.
  2. Edmonton - demolished perhaps the two worst teams in the league.
  3. Toronto - Lost a tough game to last year’s Grey Cup finalists, who are improved. Beat a well rested Calgary team at home.
  4. Saskatchewan - just like Edmonton, 2-0 against some really weak teams.
  5. Montreal - Should be 2-0 after playing Hamilton and Ottawa
  6. Ottawa - What a comeback against Montreal, still some question marks, but they’re interesting to watch. Hopefully the fans in Ottawa come out and reward them for the way they played Montreal.
  7. Calgary - Lokking very improved, just need some time to gel and get everyone on the same page.
  8. Hamilton - They haven’t been getting blown out, but they’re offence just stinks. Their Defence and special teams have been keeping them in tough games against MTL and SSK, but their offence isn’t doin anything. They should go for Khari or something, cause watching McManus is starting to hurt.
  9. Winnipeg - When you score 23 points and give up 69 in 2 games, you’re gonna be last in the power rankings.

My take on the first two weeks is:

  1. Winnipeg - playing possum or tortoise and will surprise the hares in November, unfortunately no hares play football.
  2. Hamilton- McManus will warm-up come playoff time after his shipment of geritol comes in.
  3. Calgary- Burris is lost. Burrato is lost too. The Stamps should stick to putting on a good Stampede.
  4. Ottawa- Joe Papao’s contract renewal calls for 8 wins I believe. If that happens Paul McCallum will be Premier of Saskabush.
  5. Edmonchuck- Due to protests in Nunavit, the Eskimos have to change their nickname to the Edzels and the team never finds their identity after that.
  6. Montreal- The “Don” would rather run a pizza joint and is losing interest in CFL football, the team picks up on that and Mike Pringle is hired to replace him but loses his playbook onthe first flight and every other team in the league now knows the Als signals. They go on to lose every game!
  7. B.C. - Wallyball doesn’t work at BC Place stadium, Wally gets fired except he must sing the National anthem before each game to receive his severance pay, but the Lions make it the semis only to lose to the Riders when McCallum boots what would be the winning field goal from 16 yards out off the post but a rider runs it in for the win.
  8. Toronto- Pinball comes out of retirement to lead the cheerleaders in gymnastic stunts and this draws more fans. Damon does it again knocking off everyone in the east. At the Grey Cup doctors determine that Damon is really a woman which causes a league crisis as in the rule book only men can play in the league which is why Troy Westwood was stopped from playing earlier in the season.
  9. Saskatchewan completes an undefeated season winning the Grey Cup in BC and Paul McCallum retires and the province of Saskatchewan breaks away from Canada in jubilation (only for two weeks, sort of a soverignity- association or something like that.)

Riders Rule

I agree with turkeybend, except Edmonton should be 4 and Ottawa 5.

What are you thinking???

Turkeybend comes through again. He should be hired by Sportsnet to fill in Marty Yorks spot.

I think both Argonauts04champs and Hitman 112 are close. There really isn’t much to choose among the top five, although I think BC is tops.

I would say this:

  1. BC - Beat the 04 champs, not much else to go on yet.
  2. TOR - Lost a close one to the Lions, beat a well rested and fired up Stamps team on the road
  3. SSK - Looked dominant in week one, found a way to win despite playing poorly in week two. We’ll see how good they really are this week in TOR.
  4. EDM - Beat the two worst teams in the league. I’d rather reserve judgement for another week until they play a true contender.
  5. MTL - Should have dominated a weak Hamilton team in week one and blew it against Ottawa in week two. This week against Edmonton will be very interesting.
  6. CAL - If the offense can hold onto the ball, they could be as good as 8-10, maybe even 9-9. That would be a terrific turnaround in just one year.
  7. OTT - My big question is just how much of the fourth quarter was a fluke last week and how much was the Gades breaking out? I have a feeling they have already peaked for 2005.
  8. HAM - Oh my! Things are not looking pretty after last year’s outstanding improvement.
  9. WPG - Easily the worst team so far. Why would anyone think Glenn could have been a starter in this league? He hasn’t accomplished anything. This will be a rough year for their fans.