Rank the stadiums: Which is best/worst?

I’ve noticed throughout the forums several threads that include comments about stadiums, including what should go in Halifax for the Schooners. There also several comments about which cities could support a new CFL team.

So, it’s gotten me thinking that I’d like to hear some first-hand observations about the CFL and other Canadian football stadiums.

  • Pros and cons - What do you like/dislike about the structure? Game-day atmosphere? Location? Access?
  • Upgrades - what upgrades would you like to see?
  • Based on existing stadiums, what’s your ideal look like?

I created the list from Wikipedia and added Lamport since it’s close to 10,000 capacity. Did I leave any out that should be discussed? Are there any smaller stadiums that I didn’t include that could be expanded to add a CFL team?

My wish is to have the inside stadium experience of THF and the outside stadium experience of TD Place.

  1. Lansdowne Park/Frank Clair Stadium/TD Place.
  2. Ivor Wynne/Tim Horton’s Field.
  3. Rogers Centre.
  4. Percival Molson Stadium.
  5. BMO Field.
  6. McMahon Stadium.
  7. Varsity Stadium.
  8. Ron Joyce Stadium.
  9. Guelph University.

That’s the extent of my stadium experience.

Lamport Stadium (not Lomport) should not be in this poll since it has never played host to a CFL game and I daresay never will.

Having been to every current stadium except Mosaic, as well as about 10 others to watch CFL games, I feel the best sightlines and overall experience are at BMO. As for the others:

Molson is in a great location and has superb views of Montreal, but is old and tired, with lots of benches instead of real seats.

TD Place is very nice in every respect: location, seating, views, etc.

THF is 100 times better than Ivor Wynne, with roomy seats and a cool atmosphere. Also a lot better than I expected for the money it cost.

Went to IG Field for the first time a few weeks ago – a fabulous facility inside and out, with an incredibly well-stocked Bombers store.

Haven’t been to McMahon for many years, but it was tired even back then. I’d rank it last among current stadiums.

Commonwealth has great views of the field, especially from the upper deck, but is too gigantic.

B.C. Place is lovely when the roof is open.

Where is Lomport Stadium? Is it close to Lamport Stadium?



I really don’t have a fav, but the new Riders stadium is damn ugly, so I would say it’s the worst by a lot.

Do you have your fire proof suit on? Here come the Melon Heads with flame throwers

It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I once posted that I liked IGF better than the new Mosaic, and a Rider fan tried to tell me I was wrong about my own opinion. They’re like a bunch of entitled soccer moms, but have a pathetic team rather than a kid.

I could see it from an outside the stadium perspective. The paneling they choose to surround the outside with isn’t something everyone likes. I still think it’s the nicest facility in the CFL (by a decent margin), but i’m biased.

…it’s one of the nicest stadiums in the league, and I’m not biased…

I guess if I had to pick a fav it would be IGF in Winnipeg. The outside and inside are beautiful, and I love the way the seats wrap around the entire field. Also, the dark blue seats really compliment the green field.

It’s practical and beautiful, and that’s why it’s my choice for best stadium. And this is coming from a Ticat fan.

I disagree. I don’t think that’s really your favourite.

Where’s that dude who made about 75 posts in the lightning thread advocating for domed stadiums?

I haven’t been to BC Place since the roof renovations, but I’d say BC Place and Mosaic look like the best two from this outsider’s perspective.

IG Field looks awesome too, and perhaps should be the model that other cities follow (if they don’t have the budget for a Mosaic or BC Place) when looking at building a new stadium.

You’re right… what would I know about my own opinion?

BC Place is certainly a lot more beautiful post-renovation - both inside and out. The Lions only use the bottom bowl of seats, but that still holds a good 27,000~. If only they could get 27,000 to show up.

It’s a great stadium, but not nearly as football friendly as IGF or THF.

I wish the stadiums that don’t have seats in the end zones would put up big billboards so the stadium is enclosed. It looks terrible on tv when you see houses at the back of the end zones.

Totally agree. It also really makes a stadium seem more intimate when the end zones aren’t wide open to the surrounding area.

open end zones, like in Ottawa and Hamilton, allow folks to watch the game, and become fans.

In Hamilton dozens of children gather near the south gate and watch the game (mainly on the screen)…

In Ottawa the opposite end from the condo has a raised hill that actually allows you to watch the game.

Both great ways to try and build new fans.