Rank the Running Backs

rank the starting running backs in the CFL as if EAsports made a CFL game ( 100 being the highest rating )...

mine as of 2006:

Roberts ------97
Reynolds ----96

Yours are pretty similar to mine. I'd probably have Edwards a few points lower and Kieth a few points higher but otherwise about the same.

Reynolds 97
Roberts 94
Edwards 91
Keith 89
Davis 88
Smith 86Avery 82
Williams 80
Lumsden 76

keith over davis???....how many 1000 yard rushing seasons does davis have to kieth?

isnt it davis' 5th straight season, to kieths 1st?

Yeah, Keith has only rushed for two 1,000 yard seasons, but I would rate them based on their performance this season.

Reynolds 97
Roberts 95
Edwards 92
Keith 90
Davis 87
Smith 86
Avery 81
Williams 80
Lumsden 75

When EA sports ranks running backs, the past year means the most. IT doesn't matter as much what a running back did 3 years ago. This year Kenton Keith has the highest average/carry of any running back, 0.7 yards more than Davis and in 2005 he had 1.2 yards more than Davis.

So because of that reason I ranked Keith a bit higher.

Reynolds 97
Roberts 95
Edwards 92
Davis 89
Keith 87
Smith 84
Avery 81
Williams 80
Lumsden 78

Hard to disagree with that...

SIR Charles is King again…and easily the eastern MOP candidate.

He might be king in your book but i'd be seriously
pissed if he was traded straight up for Reynolds.

As I mentioned elsewhere, Roberts could be the East MVp--probably between him and Bruce, and yet Reynolds should be the all-star running back this year.
4 straight years over 1500 yards with that o-line is quite an accomplishment though.

I could agree with RW on this one, maybe flip Davis and Keith.

Well lets see...there is Roderts and Reynolds, Donner n Blixen, on comet on cupid and then there is Kieth, who all the other Reindeer laugh at..Go Bombers..

roberts 98
kieth 92
reynolds 92
edwards 88
smith 87
avery 84
davis 81
Lumsden 81

Now that I can't agree with. Reynolds should be much higher than that.

I agree with you BD