Rank the quarterbacks.

From best to worst, based upon their performances this season, who do you think the 5 best overall quarterbacks are?
I'd have to say:

  1. Dickenson- amazing all around, low INT's, lots of TD's, taking lots of hits and still completing passes
  2. Ray- lots of TD's, lots of yards
  3. Calvillo- amazing long ball, low INT's, lots of TD's
  4. Glenn- phenomenal with receivers he has to work with(except Stegall of course)
  5. Allen- age beginning to show, not as mobile, lots of TD's
  1. K. Jones WPG
  2. DD BC
  3. AC Mon
  4. Printers: Tor
    Kevin Glenn
  5. Crandell Sask
  6. Burris Cal
  7. Jopesh Ota
  8. Brandy Ham
  9. Ray Edm
  1. Calvillo
  2. Ray
  3. Crandell
  4. Dickenson (too inconsistent and injury prone)
  5. Allen
  1. Dickenson - Maybe injury prone but when he's in the game he'll pick you apart.
  2. Allen - 42 years old, and can still outrun/outplay many QBS and players in the league.
  3. Ray - If he didn't throw so many interceptions he'd be #1.
  4. Calvillo - New recievers and he's doing great with them.
  5. Burris - Thinking and analysing the plays alot better. Big improvement and he can run.
  1. Calvillo - never gets injured cause he rarely gets hit…Als are peaking at the right time
  2. Dickenson - Injured alot - but cant ignore his stats… if he cant get back soon BC are in trouble.
  3. Ray - High intercepts hurts his ranking…but now a running game might be the answer
  4. Crandell- Tough to rate a guy only played 6 games but 5-1 speaks for itself
  5. Burris - Mr Long Bomb…If he can recover to his pre-injury form the Stamps have a chance.
  6. Glenn - Glenn & Stegall … when they are in sync…nuff said
  7. Allen - Can still pull out the game… but the Argos are self destructing against the good teams (Sask-Edm)
  8. Joseph - may do well with a better team AKA Crandell Syndrome
  9. McManus - Retire already lol

Khari Jones in Winnipeg? Don’t you know your own QB is Kevin Glenn? And Printers in Toronto? What league are you watching?

I'd rank Calvillo in 1st because of his great ratio TD/Int, the fact that he's still on pace to reach 6000 yards, the facts that he could get four 1000 yards receivers for the second straight year while the reciving core changed drastically from last year the fact that he won us important games when our defense was allowing far too many points,, and the fact that he played all the Als games this year (contrary to Dickenson who's amazing, but always down).

Let's see

  1. Dave Dickenson BC - Still leads his offence extremely well
  2. Kevin Glenn WPG - Struggled with release early season. Definatl stepped started throwing and has made some great throws as of late.
  3. Anthony Calvillo MTL - Great QB, Unfortuantly hasn;t been the ame old calvilo we all know. He has failed to hit recivers and only now is h starting to run the offence again.
  4. Dameon Allen TOR - Old and wise. He reads defenses like a kids book. Alot of great balls and still a great arm. The age factor has shown to slow down the pace of his game which s kinda hurting him right now.
  5. Ricky Ray EDM - I don;t know of another QB throwing for so many completions and yards and still sturggle the way he has. He leads a great offense but still struggles to win ball games. He has amazing stats, i think if his defense was better he would look alot better, but all people look at are wins. Great QB

Calvillo for efficiency (6000+ yds)
Dickenson for accuracy (75% pass)

glenn may have had his best game of the year. his passes were on target and didn't require the receivers to react to off passes. charles roberts isn't about to win the qb role after that toss :slight_smile:

I think KK is watching old cfl highlights and confusing them with
this yr.

I was wondering why he kept yapping about retro uni's. LMAO

Your saying if the Esks D was better he would have less INTS ?? Esks D rocks, they are having a great year, what more could they do to help Ray? It has nothing to do with the D, if you pass the ball 100% of the time your bound to throw more picks than anyone else, a running game is the key, as you seen with Troy Davis, what you said makes no sense my man.

Roberts should stick with he’s day job.

that was my prediction/favoite QBs thus far. I miss KJ but Glenn isn’t bad but he is better as a back up.

I was wondering when someone would comment on that! :lol:

this should be a no brainer.


  1. Dave Dickenson. The only reason he's always hurt is because B.C.'s O-line is the worst in the league. No coincidence that both his backups are also nursing injuries of some kind. In any case, Dickenson has the best completion percentage in the league, the most QB smarts, the consistency, and the coolness under pressure.

  2. Anthony Calvillo. How much longer does A.C. have to play before he finally gets some respect? A year ago, he passed for over 6,000 yards while leading four receivers to 1000-yard seasons, a first in CFL history. This season, he's had to work with a revamped receiving core that didn't include Ben Cahoon for four games, and he's STILL on pace for another 6,000-yard season. If the Als' defence had been more consistent early on, this team would be 12-2 instead of 8-6.

  3. Damon Allen. I put him up this high because while he may have a mediocre season, he will rise up when it counts the most -- during the playoffs. Possibly the best clutch QB in the league.

  4. Ricky Ray. A lack of a proper running game and a rash of INTs have sapped some of his confidence, but there's no denying Ray's efficiency, passing arm, and ability to read defensive coverages. With Troy Davis in Edmonton, expect Ray to roar back during the last part of the season.

  5. Kevin Glenn. I honestly thought this guy didn't have what it took to be a starting QB in this league. And I was dead wrong. He's still plagued by inconsistency sometimes, and God knows his defence doesn't give him any room to breathe, but the man knows how to throw the ball.

Exactly how I’d rank them BUT there is no way Joseph is better than Glenn. But otherwise I agree.

Your saying if the Esks D was better he would have less INTS ?? Esks D rocks, they are having a great year, what more could they do to help Ray? It has nothing to do with the D, if you pass the ball 100% of the time your bound to throw more picks than anyone else, a running game is the key, as you seen with Troy Davis, what you said makes no sense my man.
I think i didn't make myself completely clear. U make an extremly good point about a running game, and that davis will help them a great amount. But even without him they had to make more running plays. I still think Ray is a great QB and has a great arm. But to throw 400-500 consistantly and struggle like he does it just doesn;t add up well for edmonton. Did i make that more clear for ya???

Thanks for putting the Riders in the "other" column along with Danny Mac.

I didn't think that Crandell has really proven himself to be an efficient quarterback for more than five games. Even in these games, he's usually just completing short passes. He hasn't passed for an outstanding number of TD's, and has a below average td/int ratio. It's pretty obvious not many people consider him the best in the CFL with the way the votes look right now. I'm sorry, next time I'll include him if i make another poll. :slight_smile: