Rank the Offences

(1) Montreal What can say more about this Offence
As long as they have AC playing Well they be tought to stop
(2) Calgary So Many Weapons
(3) Saskatchewan Very solid but not Flashy
(4) Hamilton Only got better with Addition of Maurice Mann
also another year in the system for Kevin Glen and AB3.
(5) B.C with Printers back to MVP form it could help them make some Noise.
(6) Edmonton Ricky Ray and his cure at #6
(7) Winnipeg Some Improvement will be had under the new head coach
(8) Toronto No QB with CFL Experience and no Running game - Long Season in boatmanvile

swap your 4 and 6 and I'll agree!! and by mid-season I think you could swap 7 and 8.

I don't understand how you rank Edmonton sixth... Yes, the offence stumbled a bit with the firing of Worman, but the team still managed to finish near the top in most offensive categories.

The Eskimos were fourth in points scored and points/game, first in rushing touchdowns, second in time of possession, fourth in passing yards, and third in total yards and yards/game.

With Strasser having a full off-season, training camp, and pre-season with the offence, and with Ricky Ray returning, and throwing to Stamps and Peterson, and with Whitlock having his rookie season behind him, I expect this offence to once again be one of the top four in the league.

I agree that Montreal will more than likely be at the top again. After them, nothing's guaranteed.

B.C. #1 @#%#&^______ Printers! Hamilton #2 E.E,s #3 Al,s #4 Rider,s#5 Argo,s #6 Branagan :thup: Stamp,s #7 _ (without Burris) Sask# 13 :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't forget that Edmonton also beat Montreal last year (after being blown out in the previous game between the two).

Esks offense, was Ricky Ray and then "who???"

they sure didn't look very effective.

then they go and trade their Top Receiver to the Ti-Cats.

sheesh. :roll:

They have a lot to prove this training camp before I'll give them any higher than 6

This is why I dropped to then 6 ..

who do have as a back Up Maas is done and They best WR is now a Ticat.
The O-line is need of new Bodies cause ray go down there done..
also a new OC
The Ticats system will not have changed plus they have depth on offence.
Something Edmonton is lacking

without a decent oline, printers get injured early and with no effective ground game, the backups spend most of the time running for their lives and throwing interceptions.

Until the show they have got an oline, they will be 7th at best.

I'm sorry, but how slow are you guys? How is Mann our best receiver?

Mann: 917 yards (12.6 avg), 6 TDs
Stamps: 1402 yards [led league] (16.5 avg), 8 TDs

Yeah, I can see why you guys would think Mann is our top receiver. If you guys are gonna criticize a team, at least know what the hell you're talking about, otherwise you just look like idiots. Of course, that's nothing new for cfl. His hate for the Eskimos is beyond ridiculous...

Oh, and I'm sure Ricky Ray will be fine. Once again, he led the league in passing yards, and was third for TDs. And our rushing attack wasn't bad, either. Whitlock was third in the league in rushing yards, and second in rushing TDs.

I think the Eskimos will be just fine. :roll:

Edit: And here's some more stupidity I gotta address... Kevin Strasser isn't new. He was here last season. Add the last half of last season, and this off-season, and I'm sure Kevin Strasser will have the offence moving. And Edmonton lacks depth? Really? So apparently you've no idea why Edmonton traded Mann. Allow me to enlighten you: WE HAVE TOO MANY RECEIVERS!!! Oh, and at running back we've got Whitlock, McCarty, and apparently Lumsden still. Name me a better group of backs.

Also we will have Kelly Campbell back that only makes us stronger.

Exactly, if Campbell returns, we'll have him, Stamps, Peterson, and Talbot. Plus we've got a bunch of young guys like Barnes and Rector.

But Edmonton lacks depth... :expressionless:

You can't seriously count Lumsden, can you, Chief?

I don't really like him, but if we're keeping him, we might as well use him. Give the majority of the carries to Whitlock, and then split time between Lumsden and McCarty. Or use Lumsden as a decoy. Injury prone or not, when he's on the field, defences have to recognize his pressence. Put Lumsden on one end, Whitlock on the other, and make the defences guess.

How are Lumbsden's hands in reality Chief?

(Freshman question to adjunct professor)

As far as I know his hands are fine... No one will ever say Lumsden doesn't have talent. The kid has tremendous talent. In his four seasons with the Ti-Cats he averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He has the potential to tear teams apart. The problem with him is there's always some kind of injury. I believe the last couple injuries were with his shoulder. He doesn't like being labelled injury prone, but when you're injured every damn season, what do you expect? If he could get over his injuries, he'd be a great back, but I gotta think his shoulder is shot. I mean, if I remember correctly, it was Shabazz who put the season-ending hit on him, right? And from what I remember, it wasn't that bad of a hit. Nothing against Shabazz; I like the guy. But it wasn't a hard hit. I gotta think anyone else would've gotten up, dusted himself off, and got set for the next play.

Chief you forget Skyler Green another 4.2 40 speedster who paired with Tristan will give us the most Dynamic KR’s in CFL history. Green is big enough to be a very good receiver as well.

I wasn't sure if we'd use him as a receiver. If we do, then, yeah, there's another guy you can put on the list.

With his speed at 5'9" 195 he is not too small for a WR or even SB he had a decent number of catches at LSU in his final year. I would try him out there as they say speed kills and on a football field that is usually opposing defenses.


Our Receiving Corps of Skyler Green, * Andrew Nowacki, Efrem Hill, * Kevin Challenger, Jason Barnes, *Kamau Petersen, Fred Stamps, *Andre Talbot, *Brad Smith, and Jamaica Rector is one of the deepest in the league. Our Running Backs Arkee Whitlock, *Calvin McCarty, *Matt Bertrand, *Jesse Lumsden and *Graeme Bell Are also very deep. Our O-Line are all returning and was allready among the best in pass Protection and Run Blocking. Throw in the Best QB in the league in Ricky Ray, a serious combatant Jason Maas, and the next one Jared Zabransky Sorry a sixth in offense is a mistake our O will rival Montreals.

You have to be Kidding :lol:

Your not even in the Same Area Code..
You got lucky the few Times you beat Montreal

Maybe Edmonton should Put up to 5
If Printers Falls on ass.. and Ray Stays Healthy.
but your no where close to Montreal on Offence
no team is ..Including Hamilton.
when comes to offence Montreal they are Still the Class of the league