Rank the OC's

Ok folks, Ive heard alot about what makes and doesnt make a good OC...lets rank the OC's in the league with all things considered:

-Tenure(how long have they been in their job? 1 yr sucess is rare, long time and a lack of sucess is unadmirable)
-Personell(how good are his players, and does he make them better?)
-Injuries or a lack of...(can he manage his schemes depite a bunch of injuries?)
-Morale(does his work inspire the team in practice and on game day?)
-Stats(what do the stats say? ie: wins, total yardage, points, red zone eff., giveaways)

Heres mine:

  1. Ken Miller (Sask)
  2. Dan Dorazio, Co-Offensive CO w/Steff Kruck (BC Lions)
  3. George Cortez (Calgary)
  4. Kit Cartwright (Winnipeg)
  5. Steve Burrato (Toronto)
  6. Marcel Bellefeuille (Montreal)
  7. Jacques Chapdelaine (Edmonton)
  8. Mike Working (Hamilton)

Lets have um' people!


  1. George Cortez
  2. Ken Miller ( with help from Austin )
  3. Kit Cartwright
  4. Dan Dorazio
  5. Steve Burrato
  6. Jacques Chapdelaine
  7. Marcel Bellefeuille
    8-20. Various CIS OC's :wink:
  8. Mike Working

baahahaha...nice thought! Mike may not be 'Working' very long.


I think the top 2 are no brainers really. Burris is having his best year ever under Cortez after a bit of a slow start, and Kerry is also having his best year, and I believe that has as much to do with him working with Kent on being a smarter QB as it has been with Ken Miller and his work with the entire offense.

Nobody else has really been consistent, BC's been good but they've been blessed with amazing field position so it's hard for me to put them in the top 3, easily the best of the rest though.

I went to alot of early season practices and Crandell deserves some credit as well, but Austin has had his hands in there with ample time now as opposed to the Ottawa days.


Austin finally has the tools to go to work, he was the scapegoat in Toronto, and they were severely restricted by budget limitations in Ottawa. Glad to see it's paying dividends for us now :slight_smile:

Totally...the other factor for BC for me was the giveaways...way less than Calg....and wether that has anything to do with the scheming is beyond me but still.


No one else interested in this? Hmmmmmm....sure had alot of people with opinions the other day.


bellefueille is worst of all pro and ncaa

You obviously never saw the Ray Jauch offense prior to his retirement. Now THAT was bad.

As far as current OC's go, I'd go as follows:

  1. George Cortez (Calgary)
  2. Dan Dorazio, Co-Offensive CO w/Steff Kruck (BC Lions)
  3. Kit Cartwright (Winnipeg)
  4. Ken Miller (Sask)
  5. Jacques Chapdelaine (Edmonton)
  6. Steve Burrato (Toronto)
  7. Mike Working (Hamilton)
  8. Marcel Bellefeuille (Montreal)
  1. Cortez Should be hc in Edm. Hope not.
  2. Miller Brings run and pass both to game.
  3. BC two Jackson doing good
  4. Cartwright Glenn better this year
  5. Burrato Bishop is not Burriss
  6. Bellefuille Calvillo is 35 or 36
  7. Chapdelaine Didnt win with RRay healthy
  8. Working So bad skipped 8