Rank the CFL teams

//// i will my son ...as soon as you get out the bluengold flag and insignia.......remember when you were in ballet lessons and i got you that helmet to wear....you got used to it....and i;m sure you'll get accustomed to cheering for the BigBlue ...just as easy... :wink: :lol: :thup: :rockin:

What's with all you Toronto haters?

1.) Argos
2.) Stamps
3.) (If they existed) Gades
4.) Als
5.) Bombers
6.) Lions
7.) Riders
8.) Eskimos
9.) Ti-Cats :wink:

Yes dad I remember that you were so helpful showing me the ballet moves. But I got out of that now and returned to the macho image not the one you wanted for me. The red and white is so much better just like you showed me before I left town. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :lol:
I remember you showing up the neighbors and had them in envy with the red and white pom pom's :lol: