Rank the CFL teams

Here's my list, 2-8 is basically a toss up.

  1. Riders
  2. BC
  3. Hamilton
  4. Winnipeg
  5. Montreal
  6. Toronto
  7. Edmonton
  8. Calgary

haha billy, i was thinking the same thing. i hope he comes back

  1. BC
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Winnepeg
  4. Montreal
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto
  7. Calgary
8) Edmonton

As a Vancouverite, I… just don’t like Alberta.

I'm really shocked to see so many Rider fans like Winnipeg more than Calgary (and probably Edmonton too, though I wasn't paying as much attention to them).

My actual list:

  1. Calgary
  2. Ottawa
  3. Hamilton
  4. Montreal or Toronto
  5. Toronto or Montreal
  6. BC
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Saskabush
  9. Deadmonton

I have always found the games between the bombers and us to be good natured ribbing. and a good rivalry. Calgary and edmonton are teams i just don't like at all. I have had bad experiences with both teams fans. (not saying I haven't had good expeirineces too)
Basically it comes down to this for me. I don't like Calgary, just do. So the stamps go with them. Edmonton I like, but the Esks have beat us way too many times for me to ever like them.

  1. Winnipeg (Hometown)
  2. Calgary (Nice City)
  3. Saskatchewan (Good People,great rivalry)
  4. Edmonton and B.C. (Only because they are western teams)
  5. Hamilton (Used to love those defenses)
  6. Montreal (Good fans)
    LAST; Toronto (Never have liked any Toronto team)

That’s another thing i’ve never fully understood … fans cheering for their biggest rivals, just because they’re from the same area (eg, just because they’re also from the west). I’m not saying it’s wrong or anything, just personal preference. But I don’t get it … Calgary’s biggest rival is Edmonton, so then why would you cheer for Edmonton in a game (say, GC) against an Eastern team, just because “at least Edmonton’s from Alberta/the West”? I know that a good chunk of Calgarians weren’t cheering for the Alouettes in 2002, 2003 and 2005. At the Grey Cup (in Calgary) in 2000, the crowd was definitely pro-BC (also against the Als). I just don’t get it …

I guess it’s a lot like the Oilers being in the Cup final last year. I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for them, but at the same time I was pretty disgusted with cheering for a team from CAROLINA (where ice is only known to be used for drinks) over a Canadian team. I was incredibly disappointed that another SE team won the Stanley Cup, but mostly relieved that the Oilers didn’t. I wasn’t cheering for Carolina; I was cheering against the Oilers.

(One of my friends, who seemed to be more anti-Oilers than me (he’d yell “Oilers suck!” throughout a Flames vs Dallas game), was cheering for the Oilers, because at least they’re Canadian. I think he’s a closet Oilers fan.)



Ottawa was my team but they're gone so I've adopted the Bombers as my squad for now. But most of my hatred is still related to teams I saw more often as a Rider/Gades fan.


  1. Hamilton
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. BC
  4. Ottawa
  5. Edmonton
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Calgary
  8. Montreal
  9. Toronto

1.Blue Bombers

(We love to hate these guys. Great fans, I cheer for them except when they're playing Winnipeg, then they are our worst enemy!)

  1. Stampeders, Eskimos, Lions, Tiger-cats.

  2. Alouettes
    (Really hate those guys)

Oh, I forgot about Argonauts, just like most of the people in Toronto have! LAY-HOO-SU-HERS!!! :wink:

Ottawa (when they exist)

....i like em all....some just a little more than others..he heh,,naturally the WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS ARE NO 1.....FOLLOWED BY

...Esks...and ..or Stamps...last ...sorry my son...

Dad you promised Mom and your 12 children you would lay off the sauce. You know the Stamps are your favorite team. You have the jersey to prove it! Shame on you just to be different from the rest of the family!

...i know you're really a closet Bomber fan my son..... and your ---love-hate relationship is pretty obvious... your good side shows through most of the time when you're complementing the BigBlue....and we know thats quite often.... :lol: :lol:

Pappa mom gopt a call from the doctor and he told her you were off your meds. Please start taking them again and where is this new still you are using is it under the porch again. Now start waving your red and white pom pom again. :lol:

I was also cheering against the oil but not for the canes, im a pritty big flames fan and a huge canucks fan so i obviously hate the oilers.

my teams:









  1. Lions (my home town)
  2. Riders (great fans)
  3. Montreal (because we always break their winning streak)
  4. Blue Bombers (good fans, should be in the west)
  5. Hamilton (neutral)
  6. Stamps (good rivalry)
  7. Eskies (bad rivalry)
  8. Toronto (A bunch of cons but got to love Pinball)
  1. Alouettes (my hometown team)
  2. Roughriders (soft spot for the underdog)
  3. Tiger-Cats (ditto)
  4. Stampeders
  5. Blue Bombers
  6. Argonauts
  7. Eskimos
  8. Lions