Rank the CFL teams


yer, welcome!

oops :oops:

  1. Calgary 8)
  2. Montreal :smiley: My second favorite got to love those Montreal fans
  3. Edmonton :lol: Alberta team what can I say!
  4. Hamilton :? I have always had respect for this team.
  5. BC :roll: Downward slide here do not like Bouno
  6. Toronto :cry: Keep living that NFL dream if you can't have an NFL team bring NFLers to the team.
  7. Saskatchewan :oops: NO comment just get myself into trouble.
  8. Winnipeg :twisted: What can I say?

LOL it seems that most people all agree on hating Winnipeg the most.


I will not use my mod super powers and delete this!
I will not use my mod super powers and delete this!


thats why I like to joke around with you so much RO1313.
Your a good guy with a good sence of humour.
I should have put Shreveport at #1 though,lol

I'm no fan of all the expansion topics either RO1313, but I gotta admit, BeerBaron's post was hilarious!!

I notice that Sask was conspicuously absent in esk123's rankings. Somehow I don't think that was an oversight on his part?!?!

haha, all this is is BIAS!

Btw, here is my list.

Saskatchewan Roughriders (No kidding...)
Toronto (I really dunno why....)
everyone else...

Oops! I accidentally put Hamilton twice. But rest assured, Saskatchewan is tied for dead last with Calgary. :lol:

Wow ... not much love for Calgary! Only two 2nd places (one of which is from a Calgarian), one first place, and otherwise their best is 4th ...

My rankings:

  1. Stampeders!
  2. Anyone playing the eskimos
  3. Anyone playing the Riders

its nice to see that we arent hated by most other teams:) yes we suck but its nice to know ppl r still cheerin for us!

  1. Montreal (home town)
  2. Hamilton (100% out of pity)
  3. Saskatchewan (see reason for number 2)
  4. Edmonton (a great rivalry)
  5. Calgary (kinda neutral to em not a big higgins fan)
    6.Winnipeg (stole our coach/cheerleader)
  6. BC (because my friend is a huge lions fan theyre this low)
  7. Toronto (because theres no more teams to put ahead of em no one is loving hte QB problem they have more than me right now)

Hmmmm, the order behind the first two has probably changed since the last survey....don't ask why I make the changes....no reason to my logic!

(1) BC
(2) Calgary
(3) Montreal
(4) Saskatchewan
(5) Winnipeg
(5b) Ottawa if they were here...
(6) Toronto
(7) Edmonton
(8) Hamilton (Still can't forgive Mosca for what he did to Willy Flemming.

Da' Blue
Sask.too (although I'm surprised that 'Riders fans hate Winnipeg, I always view our games as good natured fun!)
Lions they just know how to get it done.
Ti-Cats still the best history for me.
Calgary eh!
Montreal the Sonny Wade factor.
Edmonton ________
Toronto do they even know they have a team?

Hamilton (I cheer for the underdogs)
BC / Tor dont really mind em

Calgary dance monkey dance!
Winnipeg had a lot of bad attitude recently
Saskatchewan cause of the fans
Montreal cause I got the hate on for Matthews and AC

those last 4 can change depending on what stupid things seach team has done recently

News flash!

Mathiews is gone!

  1. Winnipeg ( HomeTown)
  2. Hamilton ( Out of pity)
  3. Ottawa ( Look at #2)
  4. BC ( #2 with it wasnt for Wally & Dave)
  5. Toronto ( Love Pinball only reason)
  6. Saskatchewan( love to hate them good rivilary)
  7. CalgaRY ( hate copeland & Hank)
  8. Montreal ( Just Cant Stand Them)
  9. Edmonton ( What Can I Say?)
  1. Winnipeg
    2 - 7) Everyone else
8) Montreal (death to Philion)

I thought you were a Rider fan because of your name, I guess not. Apparentky you don't like us rider fans.

Sandman is Ladyphpous McCalla a former and hopefully future Rider for those that don't know. Although I am sure there are others out there