Rank the CFL QBs from top to bottom!


Based on play thus far this season rank the CFL QBs.

Here are my rankings:

  1. Ricky Ray- can shred a D and can throw short or long and can even run a little.

  2. Anthony C.- having a great year. Reads defences very well.

  3. Henry Burris- hot and cold but talented. Should tuck the ball and run more like he did early in the season.

  4. D. Durant- great poise for someone without any real experience- tough injury.

  5. Kerry Joseph- does enough to get it done. His ability to run with his size gives defences fits.

  6. M. Crandall- has played only a bit but deserves to be ranked as he keeps winning.

  7. Jarious Jackson- has had really only one great game.

  8. Jyles- Even he has been better than other starters on other teams.

  9. Kevin Glenn / dinwiddie- record speaks for itself

  10. Casey Printers- biggest disappointment in the CFL. Dave Dickenson would be a much better bet for the Ti-Cats. Even Danny McManus. Casey has been horrible. :rockin:

i think thats pretty fair accually...

I think you've ranked Kerry Joseph a little bit high to be honest. I'd probably put him 7th, and put either Jarious or Crandell 5 and 6.

ya thats my main thinking... its a toss up with me for JJ and MC...

I think you put AC too high and Ricky Ray, Although doing well so far, I've seen him have bad spells for several games. I would bump Burris and Joseph up 1 rung! dinwiddie your a little hard on him, remember his first start was the last game of the season last year, taking that into consideration I think he's doing better than expected and will keep getting better every game! I agree about printers, as a young strong Qb with a strong arm, I really expected much better from him. Hopefully he will realize it's time to step up before he's eliminated from this leaque he's running out of second chances! Jarious really worries me, It's like being at a big social function and not knowing if Dr. Jeckle will transform into Mr. Hyde at any given minute! Sask is fortunate to have 2 capable QB's. overall good observations Turk!

Yes, Gobbler. Good analysis. But B69, RR has a Grey Cup and he light’s it up on most nights…despite the coaching…he’s very cerebral.

He has a ring, but if you recall he did need some help from his old pal Jason Mass to get there :wink:

He's still ranked #1 from me.

Forgetting about his '03 GC? He has two rings!

if were goin on this season only, i agree....

if combining the last few years, KJ is above burris and durant..both the aforementioned QBs havent accomplished half of what kerry has in his career.

I didn't see Crandell's first game (or two, not sure how many he played before getting injured) but he didn't play very well (IMO) in the game against the Stamps. And I've seen what Crandell can (or more accurately, can't) do ... I think he's ranked a bit high up there, but granted, the ones he's above haven't been great either.

IMO the MC we say last week is gainer the gopher in a new costume, thats the worst preformance i recall from him in the green and white

  1. Ray - Has been the best QB in the league this year and last before injured

  2. Calvillo - The war vet has kept up his play, getting rid of Bellefeuile helped that situation

  3. Burris - He gets here by default because of his experience I do feel there are atleast 2 or 3 that could be put ahead of him. Has all the physical abilities but needs a sports psychiatrist on call at all times

  4. Durrant - I feel this is high because he has yet to play a decent ammount of games but if he performs like he has shown he can I would have him at 3. Will know by the end of the season

  5. Joseph - All the physical abilities and smart. Needs the coaching staff he left behind in Sask to be elite though.

  6. Leforse - Shows allot of potential but wont go higher until he at least sees some action as a starter

  7. Printers - Again all the physical abilities not so sure on the smarts , ego gets in the way, attitude is a problem

8) Crandel - He is just not a starter, and IMO doesn't really want to be a starter. Can be an accurate passer.
  1. Jackson - Don't think this guy has the answer, has the arm, but doesn't seem to be able to read a defense properly. BCs record lies on his shoulders

9 / 10) Glenn / Diwiddie I do think that Glen for sure can be an elite passer, can read a defense, lightning quick release, not sure about Dinwiddie arm strength may be an issue. Something is sour in the Peg and its not due to lack of talent

There are others that could get put up in there like Richie Williams but I don't have it in me to go through everyones 1st plus 2nd string

Not bad Turkey

Jarious Jackson still has me wondering. he is so hot & cold.

I wonder who will show up friday night.

Both Anthony and Ricky are over rated. I suspect the these ratings were influenced by the passing efficieny rating and their stats. Both quarterbacks should have lead their teams to better records, but haven’t.

Edmonton’s next 4 games will decide if it is the ricky of old or the early ricky we see playing. The ricky of old…lots of stats and nothing to show for it. Or the early ricky the quarterback that can lead a team to victory. The ricky that played the 2nd half of the last game.

IMO it would be hard to pick a pure number one at this stage in the season. Crandell based on what he has shown shouldn’t be as high as what he is.