Rank the CFL defenses

as of today. Go for it.

  1. Montreal
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Hamilton
  4. Saskatchewan (homer pick)
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton
  7. BC
  8. Toronto

It's a pretty big crap shoot outside of the Al's. Winnipeg had a very good defense last year despite their team record, they fired everyone though so who knows. Basically 2 through 7 could be anyone, I think the Argo's are at the bottom but they could yet prove me wrong as well.

1.Montreal (Just try scoring on em)
2.Hamilton (could use another DB or two and maybe a DE just for fun.The addition of Shivers,Poole and Dennis is huge.)
3.Calgary (One of the most underrated defenses, they have alot of potential.Browner really impressed in '09)
4.Winnipeg (Lost ALOT in their secondary and their LB corps is average.Also lost a couple good DE's in Perry and Wall's.)
5.Saskacthewan (Lost 2 very important DE's, apparently signing two more soon.At this point they don't look half bad though)
6.BC (Lost Rickey Foley but gained a good MLB in Dennis Haley.)
7.Toronto (The return of Parker and Middlebrooks is huge.Expect Legare to step up this season)
8.Edmonton (harnesses a secondary that really struggled generating turnovers.DL is beast though)

This is hard to do, when three of eight teams have new coordinators (Edmonton, Toronto, and Winnipeg) and there has been lots of personnel shuffling in the offseason. I'd give the edge to the Als, Riders, and Stampeders based solely on continuity, but really, who knows?

What's this about the Riders signing more DE's?

hard to predict with all the player movement and coaching changes, I have to call it--- Edmonton#1 B.C. #2 Hamilton #3 Al,s #4 Stamps #5 Argo,s #6 Bomber,s #7 AND Sask # 13 :stuck_out_tongue:

The good thing for Edmonton is we actually have someone competent calling our defence now. :smiley:

According to Ken Miller's Twitter, you guy's have two more DE"s coming in.One with NFL XP, one with none.

Defensive players are a Dime a Dozen.

you can easily find one if you have good scouts! doesn't take much effort.

we'll be fine!

Yeah, thanks. I saw that on Pederson's blog after I posted the question. I'm curious....

People forget that Toronto actually had a pretty good defense last year, was just the offense that was horrid. I don’t think the Peg had that great of a d, they al

  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton (not happy they took 2 guys from us)
  3. Calgary
  4. Toronto (homer pick 8) )
  5. Edmonton
  6. Sas
  7. Peg
  8. BC

is there anything more arrogant that quoting ones self??? :wink:

It's not arrogance, just old age :lol:

  1. Montreal - they are the best until proven otherwise
  2. Hamilton - I am actually very worried and not confident at all in this pick. If our DBs are as good as they're supposed to be, we're fine. If not not -- watch out. The only two players I'm sold on in the secondary are Bradley and Barker
  3. BC - always effective on the defensive line, a sure recipe for success. Age might be a factor, however.
  4. Calgary - maintaining the status quo
  5. Saskatchewan - Losing 2 DEs will hurt, but Saskatchewan always seems to make something of nothing so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Edmonton -- the addition of Thompson should help that secondary.
  7. Toronto - lost several DBs, coaching change, belli suspended for first game, and no certainty as to who is playing where. Saving grace being that they got Byron back (iirc).
  8. Winnipeg - Kavis Reed.

My completely meaningless 2010 defensive rankings:

[ol]- Montreal: I only put my Als here because we have the same coach and mostly the same players. We'll have to see how the loss of Keron Williams affects the D-line, though.

  • Calgary: Chris Jones will have these guys playing smash-mouth football again.
  • Saskatchewan: Those stunting D fronts are hell to defend.
  • Hamilton: Very underrated group, particularly in the front 7.
  • Winnipeg: Different coordinator, and no Hefney, but the core group is pretty strong.
  • BC: Not sold on Benevides, but Stubler is going to help a lot, and the D-line will likely be dominant this season. Secondary is still a concern.
  • Edmonton: I'd rank them higher based on Hall's involvement, but it's impossible to know how this group will fare over the course of the season.
  • Toronto: At the bottom until they prove otherwise.[/ol]

Not bad d&p but I think I'd switch your #s 3 and 4.

I agree that Etcheverry runs a very unconventional defence that is (a) difficult to scheme against and (b) highly entertaining to watch. That said, I'd give Hamilton the edge here because (a) they've had a year together now so should not have any 'growing pains' this year, their front 7 are all returning, and (b) the Green Riders lost their 2 starting defensive ends (and two pretty darn excellent ones at that) as well as their starting MLB. To me that'll put them a step behind the Cats.

Don't forget the qb of the secondary Eddie Davis.

That being said I fully expect the Riders Defense to be as good as last year.

Ha! I thought I was doing an edit, but I guess double posted. What I get for being on these forums close to midnight. 8)

Good point, Jack. I'd actually forgotten that Sask had lost both their DEs. Consider the Riders swapped with the Cats in my personal rankings. :slight_smile: