Ranek's new "name" (Fifth Quarter)

Don't forget to tune into the Fifth Quarter - on 900 CHML (right after the game)...with host Ted Michaels, to find out Josh Ranek's new nickname.

The winner (and the name) of the "re-name Ranek" contest will be announced.

(Hopefully, all will be good tonight)

Go 'Cats Go!

Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear I read in the Spec they were going to call him "Supersonic" Ranek.

hes hardly supersonic..that name should go to someone like tompkins or levingston...someone fast.

i like wreckin ball ranek best

how bout : vanilla midget.

The invisible man

my vote......



Trade Bait

Let's call him UNEMPLOYED! :slight_smile:

There are some who might hoping that's what's said when they are going to announce his new nickname. Because Ranek's nickname is not exactly an issue with this team that needs to be discussed right now.