Ranek vs. Simon

Ranek: 160 yards rushing, 70 receiving & 2 t.d's

Simon: 190 receiving & 2 t.d's

Who will win player of the week?

How many receptions did it take Geroy to get those yards as opposed to carries for Ranek?

Isn’t there one more game this week?

i say neither i think the player of the week will come from the Calgary Saskatchewan game

Actually, Ranek only had one touchdown.

You can't compare receiving and rushing that way. When Simon gets the ball, he's already got ten or fifteen yards. When Ranek gets the ball, he's five yards behind the line of scrimmage. Twenty yards is considered a huge run, but an average reception.

Ranek had nearly as many yards rushing as Simon had receiving...but also had 70 yards through the air. How many rushing yards did Simon have?

Of the two, Ranek is the more deserving...but he won't win it. Why? Because the guys who make the picks are former Ticats, and don't want to be perceived as biased, so they bend over backwards the other way. Ellison Kelly said a couple of years ago that he won't pick a Ticat player unless there is absolutely no other choice.

Ranek had 27 carries and 4 receptions

Simon had 5 receptions for 196 yards

Right...Simon had 196 yards receiving, Ranek had 69.

Ranek had 164 yards rushing, Simon had 0.

So Ranek had 233 yards of offence, Simon had 196.

Ranek deserves it. But he won't win it because he's wearing the wrong shirt.

Ranek single-handedly won the game for his team, when absolutely no one expected them to win. And he did it by trampling a defence that had been the best in the league against the run. After a very unimpressive start to the year (likely due to playing hurt), where his starting job may well have been in jeopardy. True clutch performance.

Simon was unbelievable on that 90-yard-plus TD. But he ran through an Eskimo secondary that can't even stop a 100-yard play with 4 seconds left.

what about Robert Edwards?

what were his numbers compared to ranek?

ranek diserves it. he played awesome last night, shows how much he wants it, battling for every yard.

All i got to say is Im glad the Riders dont gotta face Simon anymore this year, is what i thought. Still gotta play em one more time. He is the best reciever in the league.

nah..i say a chunk of yardage is a chunk of yardage no matter how it is gained..but i have to say that ranek will win the POW this week, because he cam into this week being healthy for the first time in a lil while, and he tore apart which is now the second best rush D in the league

Ranek has the potential to be a great RB, I thought so last year when he was still in Ottawa, and even more so now. All he needs is a decent O-line to get him that initial hole...once he has that, he's gone.

Forget the numbers, did you watch Simon's two touchdown's? If you did, you would even be asking this question. Forget the receiver having 10 or 15 yards, he had nothing until he made it. 2 and 29 and he outran EVERYBODY! Toss up for play of the year to date, but hard to beat Stegall's two week's ago.

Ranek is a greak back by the way, and good to see Hamilton set the spark finally. Look out for them, good team rising!

It isn't that hard to be making big plays vs. the completely shitty Eskimo weird fake blitz play. And Simon wouldn't have been a determining factor in winning the game IMO. Ranek on the other hand, had great success both rushing and running the ball, and was one of the sole reasons that Hamilton won their game.

Ranek Rocks! I knew he was gold the first time I saw him play here in Ottawa. It was a pleasure to watch him back in his usual form!

Just noticed on the updated stats sheet, that Ranek's single-game rushing total has been the best of the year so far.