RANEK sitting DAVIS playing HOLMES starting

As reported on 900 CHML.

Josh RANEK sitting due to injury

Corey HOMES starting at tailback

Anthony DAVIS dressing for the Montreal game.

Well lets see what this brings to the team. I'll say this Coach Lancaster is not afraid to make decisions and try different things.

Lets see if DAVIS is a keeper while RANEK heals up.

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Thakks for the update, mike619.

Looks like the fficial roster has not been updated to reflect this change, though.

good, id like to see davis play, hopefully hes 100% he was the best RB is camp lets see what he cnan do:)

As long as Davis' injury is good to go, I would hate that he gets back in there and he still has too much pain or isn't healed enough. I think that's what happened to Sutor last year with his shoulder.

I hope to God that Yeast will not be punt returner.

Puhlease keep Corey as the primary returner!

Holmes can't do everything though, othewise he'll get burned out, need to put Yeast or whoever back once in a while to return some kicks to take the pressure off of Corey, especially with his ankle still not 100 percent I'd imagine. And Yeast is okey dokey this year, I like the way he is playing, and he's got the wheels.

Wow, Myers and Davis move quickly to prime time.
And neither of them went to Mac


Hey I don't think Ranek has been 100% for the last 2 games its better to sit him. Davis and Holmes GO GET EM :thup:

Save your fascination. If we see several or all of Morreale, Filice, Mariuz, Donnelly, and Aidoo dropped from the team then you can be fascinated. :wink:

The whole Tiger-Cat McMaster love-in affair is great, when it helps make the Tiger-Cats a better team than having guys from other CIS schools. If all our Canucks come from Mac, hey, great stuff. But if they aren't the best choice for what is needed at the time, who the heck cares what school they are from, or even if they played university ball aka Jason Clermont I don't think played university ball. The Tiger-Cats and the Marauders while having some co-marketing strategies and that, are completely separate organizations, or should be.

Mac has a great football program what can they say ?? Mariusz made 2 great plays last game and guess what ??? He went to Mac !!!! Morrealle also went to Mac and if they need to throw the ball over the middle he`ll be thier !!!

You guys dont want local football players to play for the Tiger Cats ??

I do. But only if they are the best player for the position.

Not if there is someone better available.

Not what we're saying habman. We are saying just because they went to Mac, if they aren't the best choice to be drafted or signed as a free agent or got in a trade or whatever, then they shouldn't be a Tiger-Cat just because they are from Mac, that's all. All of our players we have now from Mac are great but if it makes sense to trade one of them or cut them or whatever, they this is what must be done, period.

well this thread has gotten a lil off topic lol. but ya imexcited about watching davis play. i saw him in traning camp a few times and he looked really good.

Davis should get most of the carries. Holmes needs to do what he does best. Return the ball. I think if this works trade Ranek for a couple half decent DB's :twisted:

Clermont went to the U of R

I think maybe there is an inferiority complex happening here . Is it because Marshall coached in a Canadian university and didnt coach in the US that makes you feel like he doesnt know football talent ?? He is the one who recruited alot of these guys who were on one one of the top university programs in Canada . I think the man knows talent .And hey he even has one trying out for an NFL team if that makes you feel a little more secure .