*****Ranek, Renegades go their separate ways******

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Josh Ranek has played his last game for the Renegades.

Barring a dramatic turnaround no one can imagine, the 27-year-old tailback's association with the team will officially come to an end Feb. 15 when he enters the free-agent market.

From there, the speculation is he'll follow in the footsteps of his former Ottawa coaches -- Joe Paopao and Kani Kauahi -- and sign with Hamilton, the only CFL team without a proven running back.

A 5-foot-8, 205-lb. pitbull from Tyndall, S.D., Ranek has been a fan favourite at Frank Clair Stadium since the franchise's inaugural season. Negotiations on a new contract broke off suddenly late last week, with Ranek and his agent Gil Scott looking for a salary in the $155-175,000 range and the Renegades offering $135,000.

Ranek made around $100,000 last season.


"We wanted to re-sign Josh, we made what we considered to be our best offer," Renegades GM Forrest Gregg told the Sun last night. "Josh turned it down, so we've taken it off the table."

Ottawa has also seen the last of classy receiver Yo Murphy. The 34-year-old veteran was seeking $120,000, but the Renegades offered only half that amount.

Meanwhile, it's believed the team is making progress in negotiations with all-star defensive back Korey Banks and that import Sean Bennett is nearing a long-term agreement. Bennett, a former New York Giant who has spent the last two seasons mostly as a backup with the Renegades, could challenge for Ranek's old job.

Should a team other than Hamilton sign Ranek, Ottawa would likely pick up its current starter. If a John Avery, Troy Davis, Charles Roberts or Kenton Keith isn't available, the Renegades will take their chances on the best of a group scouted by Gregg and coach John Jenkins.

Earlier yesterday, Ranek said he planned to test the free-agent waters, but that "coming back to Ottawa is never out of the question."

However, Gregg later made it clear he is now going in a different direction.

"We thought we were fair, we thought we had gone where we could (in negotiations) with Josh, but now we won't go there again," said Gregg, who acknowledged the Renegades only offered Ranek what they did because he was such a popular player here.

"As long as we know we have a player we have to replace, we can get busy signing some people. We have to get on with our business and Josh has to go on with his. I wish Josh nothing but the best wherever he goes."

As we have been discussing previously, if correct, this will be a major blow to the Gades. First and to the team and equally as bad on the PR side. Our prediciton of 06 maybe being the last year for the team in Ottawa, just became that much greater a possibility. Hello Quebec City.

which might not be such a bad thing...they are getting dismal crowds and bad press in ottawa..even if they sell-out PEPS stadium at its current configuration, they are still getting a bigger crowd than they do in ottawa.

........Charles Roberts ain't available for sure....he's got a good contract in Wpg.....sooooo the Gliebs better save their money and gather a little cash together and 'bail' out Hebert ...they have lost a good one in Ranek...I would say Ham. has just found their replacement for Davis... :wink:

Unless the Gades find a couple of surprise players, its going to be another long season in Ottawa....

Unless he demands too much money, he'd be great here in Hamilton I think, him and Paopao know he other obviously and I can see him fitting in nicely here. But again, he may want too much money. But at least now, we know Lumsden won't be around until at least September and if he does come back if he gets the axe in Washington, he'll get the leftover money available, which is all he will have earned. But my guess he will even stay on the taxi squad down there before he comes back to the CFL even as a starter for the money, prestige, ability to tell his buddies "look at me, I made an NFL team" etc. so I think we should offer Ranek as much as we can to get him in the Hammer to the point of feasibility at any rate.

Well, maybe the G's will build a truly competitive team that can last thou both half's of the season.

This is a major blow to the Gades, no doubt, but isn't the end of their season yet, G's can still sign a replacement that can be better.

get it together Ottawa!!! We wanna see you in the playoffs this season!!! AND YOU NEED TO MAKE IT!!!

as much as I wanna see Winnipeg make it, I wanna see Ottawa take third in the East and the Peg third in the West, not a Peg CO to take Ottawa's place.

That's my Aussie $0.02.

Didn’t Jenkins say he was gonna use a run and shoot offense(only passing)? In that case the Gades would be going with an empty backfield for the most part, which means they wouldn’t have the need for a proven running back. It isn’t going to be a pretty year with the new offensive scheme the team will supposedly use.

Maybe won't be pretty but could be exciting especially if JJ has fine tuned this better than what he was trying to do in Calgary. Anxious to see this Gades offense.

Don't we need a running threat to keep the other team D honest and give KJ some time to make a play??
I have serious doubts about this team improving in "w"s unless they sign a decent RB that can break some holes BEHIND AN IMPROVED O-LINE!
Lonie, Forrest, JJ: you guys had better get your a**es in gear and sign some guys or else grab some talent come Feb. or else FCS will be a ghost town come August!

........I agree........they will probably also be very pike and swatty, but not too swatty that they can't moust a pettitfaller without having to ruflen the shankits........


Isn't run and shoot, where the QB drops back (Runs) Throws an interception (Shoots self in foot?).

Hmmm if the defense knows they are passing every down.........

We will miss Josh in Ottawa (if he leaves - it didnt happen yet), but lets get serious here. RB is the most easily replaceable position in the CFL. Sorry, but if Hamilton wants to use $170k or more of their cap space on this guy - be my guest. There are dozen's of Seniors in NCAA ball right now who can come in here and do the job at 1/2 the money.

I agree with this SR2121. But the problem sometimes I've heard is getting some of these guys willing to take a chance and come up to Canada and play, a lot would rather take a job in their hometown and get on with life as they don't know a lot about the CFL and think it isn't worth persuing.

Agreed, he was offered a very fair contract, and rejected it.... The Gliebs did their part to try and keep him.

And I'm sure, as usual, the Ottawa media will paint the picture of the Gliebermans doing everything to destroy the team so they can relocate, paint them as the bad guys. Just covering up for the embarrasing fact that no one in Ottawa was willing to step up to the plate and give the Gades local ownership.

if the 'gades do think of re-locating - and QC would be my first choice for a move- they need to wait to see how the halifax situation unfolds first..

if the gades were to move to quebec after this season, halifax still isnt sure if they win the CG and are unsure if they will get a stadium....and if they DONT get the games/stadium, then we got a team in quebec and no team in ottawa OR halifax....and were still stuck at 9 teams....and u cant go back to ottawa again to make it 10.

They find out in late 2007 if they are going to the CG for 2014 I think it is so it's not that far away.

thats almost 2 years from know....omg, i cant wait that long!