Ranek released?

We couldn't have traded him for something? Anything? Even a draft pick?

I have to admit though... I wasn't too impressed with him. Even when he played in Ottawa I wasn't a Ranek fan. I KNOW he's talented... just not a fan.

Good luck though!

Everyone Who is Released is going to have to Take less money..

Next year the NFL Cap will over 100 Millon..
Our Cap 3 to 4 Millon ..

Makes you think don't it..

About what? I don't follow. Nothing new here. What am I missing?

Like Hogan said this morning on the Fan590 Bull Pen
"a good business descision by Desjardins"


What a crap ending to a crap season of crap!

According to the Transactions page on Ticats.ca:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=transactions&func=display&trans_id=837]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=t ... ans_id=837[/url]

It's confirmed. Ranek was released. Good luck to him in the future. Hopefully his injuries will heal and he will be able to continue to play football.

No he wasn’t THE reason for this debacle this year. No one player is THE reason. I like Ranek, but clearly he’s not the starting back for this team. There’s no point in keeping 3 backs that COULD start. Only one of them can carry the ball. I’m sick of hearing about this 1-2 punch and triple threat and crap like that. If you rotate your starter with anybody, you lose the benefit of that starter’s talent when he’s being rotated. Pick one guy and go with it. Seeing that they signed Holmes for 4 years I think they are committed to him. Just let him play. It was terrible how the western mvp was used this year. Good luck to Ranek if he has been released. He will be a good back for somebody, but not here.

i find it hard to believe that they couldn't have gotten a draft pick for him... same with kamau and eakin even though he wanted europe. i hope your new gm knows what he's doing.

Two-back systems are very feasible. The problem this year was that Maas was dreadful, Paopao could never devise creative offensive schemes, and the receivers weren't putting out. Perhaps you're right in that Hamilton had too many talented backs to keep 'em all, though. I wish Josh the best. I'm sure he'll find work elsewhere.

i hope he ends up back in ottawa again...and for that to happen, obviously im hoping to have ottawa back in the league sooner rather than later.

Good move :thup: bye bye little ball of nothing $$

I just read on Ticats Nation on 900chml.com, that GM Desjardins released Ranek for "financial reasons". Ranek was entering his option year, and I guess the combination of Holmes, Lumsden, and Davis in the backfield, his injuries, and salary combined to make him the odd man out.

Bingo! People forget that these contracts that the players sign are not gauranteed! If they don't perform up to expectations and it doesn't look like they fit into your future plans...then simply release them...let them go onto the free market and hopefully down the road they don't come back to bite you in the a**! A certain QB who is destined to fight for a starter position could be in the same boat! Costs nothing though to carry them into the next training camp though!

I really wasn't surprised to see this what with signing of Lumsden! What we have seen of Anthony Davis looks promising too!

I'm happy with the Ticats' move here, but I also hope Ranek lands with another team. He seemed like a nice, hard-working guy who just ran into some injury trouble and bad coaching this year.

Too bad for Ranek. I still think he's a quality player who can play in the CFL. Based on his pre-Cats resume, I hope his agent can get him an invitation to some team's camp next year. If he's healthy, he can play. He's a bigger loss than Eakin.

An Argo fan

He's a bigger loss than Eakin.
Best point of the day, Eakin is a backup AT BEST and Josh is a proven starter in the CFL.

This is the REAL beginning of the house cleaning, 2 starters released... not a journeyman QB thats lucky to still have a job.

You knew somebody had to go when they signed Lumsden to a long term deal. I hope the little ball of hate has better luck with another team next year.

not a journeyman QB thats lucky to still have a job.
From bad analysis, to just plain HILARIOUS ...

For the record, crash, that "journeyman" has accomplished more in his first three years out of Division 1A than the ALL TIME CFL INT KING ( funny how need not mention his name) could even DREAM about.

Lest ANYONE need reminding, the GOLDEN BOY, himself, Danny Mac, did not become a FULL TIME starter until his 5th full CFL season at the age of 30 ish.

You can repeat, AD NAUSEUM, your dislike (for whatever reason) of Kevin Eakin - it will NOT CHANGE the FACT that the KID has got SKILLS to play the QB position. PERIOD.


I keep hearing people say that the Tiger-Cats signed Jesse to a long term deal. Didn't he sign a 2 year contract? Remind me again how that is "long term".