Ranek released?

Heard on a Montreal all-sports station Josh Ranek was released today.

Any confirmation?

....I've seen no comments like that yet and did a very thorough search

That's ridiculous if it's true. Like Ranek was the reason the TiCats were crap this year. Please. The only time you guys were effective on offense is when Ranek and Holmes were carrying the ball.

Instead of releasing Ranek, they should gut their receiving corps and hire an offensive coordinator who can straighten out the mess that is Jason Maas.

Darren Gill, a player agent, hosts a weekly Alouettes/CFL radio show on the Team 990 here in Montreal.

He had Herb Zurkowsky (Als beat reporter for The Gazette) on the show and they were discussing the new "iron-clad" salary cap that comes into effect next season. This new system, they agreed, will force GMs to dump certain players earning rich contracts, contracts that won't be viable under the new salary cap (assuming it will be strictly enforced as promised).

Gill mentioned Ranek was cut late today and cited him as an example of a victim of this new economic reality.

That is just the new reality with the salary cap. You can't hide what players make anymore. The reality is that there will be more free agents and very good player then ever before. It will be very interesting to see how these players will react because many will be out of alot of money.

Nothing on CHML or the Spec, nothing on any of the other forums, nothing in transactions here. Ranek is a big enough name that someone should be making a fuss. Gill may well be in error.

Does this mean the Argos will actually release someone ??

CH TV just announced that he had been released on 11 o'clock news

Interesting. I haven't seen anything about this anywhere on the usual places on the web where one might look. One would think this would be posted to the transactions section of cfl.ca if it were not yet posted to a news site that covers the CFL. But since I'm out of town, I can't verify that this was reported on CH. Can anyone else tell me if that was where it was reported? I just want to be sure. And it would be interesting if this thread is the first place on the web in which his release is announced.

Anyway, one of Holmes, Ranek, or Lumsden had to go. Ever since the Ticats acquired Holmes, that was the case. In fact, that was one of my first thought after that Holmes trade was made, as you can see if you click here. And in terms of talent and import ratio issues, Ranek was the most expendable of the three.

But as for Ranek being released rather than traded? Maybe I should not be too surprised. Is there another team that would want him and, of course, his salary? And that average of 4.0 yards per carry this year does not look good on a resume. Even Ricky Williams averaged more than that this year. :slight_smile:

Well, if this is true, then good luck to Ranek in the future.

I don’t like it one bit. :thdn:

word from toronto newspapers is kieth stokes is being released after this season.

and we all know ricky williams isnt back next year either.

thats about $400K saved right there.

Ranek released would be a small part of the harsh realities the TC's face this year.

Face it, the club cannot afford to keep him, nor, at his salary, will any other team accept him in trade, given his performance this year.

Given payrolls are going to come under the microscope in the off season, the Eskimo's are going to be forced to release a lot of contracts, as will the Argo's...David Braley is skipping happily away from BC so he can plead mea culpa for the payroll there...

IF, and its a big "IF", salary caps are truly enforced next year, it will be a very different League and player availability scene...

We might want to look at keeping Kavis on staff as coach, and finding an OC that keeps in mind the talents available; a HC that can run the men and is a decade or three ahead of RL in the concept of a dual QB tandem...
"Reading the riot act" over the team this year...

This was a no-brainer! He was making too much $$ for what he was worth to this team. We have a solid backfield with Lumsden and Holmes and the import ratio with Lumsden back there can help us grab a lanky speedy US receiver. One thing we have to realize is that this cap is going to effect ALL the teams so don't be surprised to see some top talent getting released at seasons end. It's going to be a very interesting off-season. I am glad to hear they MAY not raise season ticket prices. That would have cemented my decision NOT to renew. I'm on the fence and may just go with the flex-pac. I've learned my lesson about getting excited about off-season moves and want to see the team on paper, get it done on the field! That being said, I'm going to also give Marcel the benefit of doubt and hope he can rid this team of the "virus" that has been dogging us for years. And no, that is not player specific! I can't explain what it is, but let's hope it's GONE!

It is too bad you had such a lot of bad luck this year, Josh.

We will never know how different
things would have been this year
if you were at full strength.

Best of luck in your future, Josh.

You are a hard worker.

You have some good years ahead for you.


Apparently, one reason we released Josh and didn't trade him
is we would have had to pay part of his salary next year.

Ken Peters couldn't come up with alliteration in the title
'The Lttle Ball Of Good-bye" in his Spectator article today.

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Too bad it did not work out with Ranek, especially with the injuries. Heckuva player. I hope he ends up with a good team.

Good move,gotta save money where you can....now go spend it on some recievers

Ranek is released?!!

What a crap ending to a crap season of crap!

It's too bad - if you get injured in this league look out. When he was healthy he was entertaining to watch, he gave 100 percent and I loved the way he bowled over tacklers. When he was with Ottawa him and Joseph had great chemistry and timing.

It's too bad that all these great players who proved themselves with other teams have had their "worth" cut down.
Ranek rushed for over 1,000 yards each of his seasons in Ottawa, Corey Holmes the Wests most outstanding player last year, Terry Vaughan 11 years of at least 1,000 yard receiving -
string broken with Hamilton.
Will any teams go after these guys after their terrible season in Hamilton?

Happens in every league mikem, pro athletes really are "a piece of meat", and they all know it, they're not that dumb, they know what they are getting into.

Yeah, I agree. The ironic part of all of this is that of all the tailbacks we have, he is the only proven starter.

But we'll be good with Davis, Holmes and Lumsden.