Ranek : Player of the Week?

We interupt the Boreham kiddie party to support a guy who truly contributed something out of the ordinary and geuninely deserves praise for last game's victory.

With timely blocking Josh ran over the best run defense in the league and ended up with over 200 combined yards.

Hey, CFL, your officials jobbed us all night with the calls how about tossing us a bone here and make Ranek Off. player of the week??

thats a no brainer

Who picks them this year for the CFL??


CFL: "Sorry...what did you say? Our audio wasn't working."


Friday's game is the type of running I expected out of Ranek, bulldogging through linebackers and DBs. Great game Josh and all of the O-line :thup:

As Espo mentioned, Randall had a breakout game as well.

Nice to see PaoPao ditch the skirt and play some smashmouth football by giving Rads the rock on the Bomber's 1 yardline.

The only possible opposition would be Geroy Simon and Robert Edwards, I would think. That being said, Ranek was clearly the standout this week in my book, with Edwards a good second choice.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think the fact he got over 200 combined yards in an upset on the road might tip the balance in his favour. But you never know, this is the CFL.

he's got my vote

A few key blocks he threw that shouldn't be ignored...I'm in full agreement, he's got to be a "Star of the Week"...

He has to be player of the week.. I am a Bomber fan but so far no other running back was able to get 100 yards vs our D and to have Ranek have the amazing game he did says a lot about the player he is..

I always did think the was the most under rated running back in the league.

one the play where he ran over a guy and shook off three other potential tackler's and the yardage total alone he should get the Offensive player of the week.

add in GT's point that NO OTHER RB has gained this many yards against the bombers (albeit two games were against the argos, but the two others were against Montreal and Robert Edwards.) and he SHOULD be a sure thing.

add that to the two TDs and fact that no one else really stood out other than Geroy and its almost a safe bet. lol

I think we should see that Josh's parents attend every game from now on. In today's Spec:

"Lancaster believes there are several reasons for it (Josh's performance agains't the Peg). He said Ranek was finally 100 per cent healthy after suffering some early season injury woes, secondly the offensive line played well and, finally, Ranek's parents drove up from South Dakota to watch their son play."

Ranek for player of the week. With out a doubt!

He ran right through one of the best defenses in the CFL like a hot knife through melted butter.

BTW Where are all of those Winnipeg supporters. Did they crawl back into their holes?

What happened to that whole player of the week thing anyway? has it been picked yet ot what?

They announce that on Wednesdays.