ranek must be REALLY injured

They are paying him big bucks this year but he hasn't played in a while. I hope he gets better for next year because he is a great player, and he should be starting somewhere else if Hamilton isn't the best fit for him any more. Our brilliant coaches and injuries realy ruined Ranek's 2006 season.

How many games did he play this year? 5 maybe............what a bust.

I didn't like Ranek when he played with Ottawa and I'm not really a fan of his now.

With Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield I think it would be best for the Ticats and Ranek if we trade him.

Problem is...

After a season like this... who would want him? The Cats wouldn't get full value for him... but anything is better than nothing.

Is Holmes done for the season ?? We need him to have any hope of beating BC .

With Holmes's contract done, it almost looks like the team sat him and Ranek to test Lumsden -- just like the team is testing Eakin and Williams. I suspect the new coach will have to make a choice between Ranek and Lumsden.

How many times do we have to go through this Holmes was resigned . Don't you guys follow the team news??? 3 years I believe. Suggestion sign up for the Ticat newsletter. That will keep you abreast of any wheeling and dealings.

I believe that was what was meant by 'contract done'. We dont need all three RBs and his suggestion is that Marcel wanted to see what Lumsden could do, so as to make an informed decision on which of the other 2 to keep.

Thanks mycko -- that's precisely what I meant.