Ranek for MVP

Man is this guy good. Finally he's showing what he can really do he's bailing out Maas big time baby!

If he doesn't keep offensive player of the week I'll kill someone :smiley:

I will help, by holding that someone.

that someone is usually an ex-ticat friends... dont get to frustrated.

When was the last time a Ticat running back ran for 163 yards and 70 yards receiving and made some awesome blocks.
This guy was the difference tonight.

Sure was.

Thanks, Ranek, for carrying not just the ball but our team!

That was put very well. And also quite accurate.

He had 27 carries for 164 yards, averaging above six yards per carry. Also, he led the team in receiving yards with 69 yards and a TD.

Click here for my information source.

Finally ,Josh Ranek is healthy !!

Thats the Ranek we saw in Ottawa! :thup:

Josh was very very hateful tonite.

Ranek ran through that defense, but it was the olien that opened the whole. Kudos to the oline, Ranek couldnt have done it without them

Wahoo!!! Loved the performance by Ranek tonight. That is the Ranek we saw these past few years here in Ottawa

Excellent Job tonight!!!

Here's another GEE DUH statement.
Ranek gets player-of-the-game with 73% of the vote.

We can't call him the "little ball" of hate any more. He's the "big balls" of hate. Way to step up.

No need to conspire to kill anyone. 73% of voters named Josh Ranek the player of the game. But as Michaels pointed out on the fifth quarter, who got the other 27%?!


Caution: Geroy Simon had 5 catches for 196 yards and two TDs.

(I still think Ranek's performance was better though)

Hooray! Little Joshy just ran over that "top notch" defense last night, all with the help of his oline paving the way for him. I think the real star tho had to be Fleming. Welcome to the team pat, you showed beautifully. Keep it up. I think Fleming should get special teams player of the week just for his vast improvement. Offense goes to either Ranek or Geroy Simon of BC who had a spectacular night.