Ranek becomes a Rider

See that is just BS.
Joe Smith is a better RB than Warren, plain and simple. The fact that Warren played as long as he did shows Wally had that "loyalty" we are talking about.
But I guess when DB benched Cedric Shaw in favour of KK that was a different situation right?
We actually started another guy, whose name escapes me now first, because he had been here longer, but when he didn't get the job done, in went Keith.

Yo Murphy won his job in training camp. I won't deny that.
But since coming back from injury, he has done very little.
Where is the cry of "next" in that case?
Henri Childs su.cked up a roster spot for weeks, only finally losing that spot to Holmes.
No "next" there either.
Corey grant wasn't good enough to start last year, but his impressively mediocre stats have kept him starting all year. "Next!".
We all heard that Kent was surely going to keep a short leash on his QBs this year, unlike DB last year.
Yet it has been no different with Kent than DB.
You guys are looking for things to hang your hats on that simply are not there.

You are right.
It is only year one so we can't tell for certain.
Yet people are saying with certainty that ET this and Kent Austin that.
Fact is, ET has been in the league for 25 years and he has a track record.
And it says he will be just as loyal to players as Roy ever was.
Maybe more so.
But I repeat--showing loyalty to your players is not a character flaw, it is a necessity.

Arius, you see you forgot to take into consideration all the other issues. You know the KK fight and the T. Smith problem are the key examples. The difference between Roy/DB and Austin/Tillman is that Roy/DB allowed their players to be individuals and go out at night. Whereas, I heard a rumor circulating in that Austin/Tillman have implemented Ankle bracelet monitoring program and programmed all the night clubs and bars in the city into a GPS system so they will know when one the players goes in their.

Trevis Smith cant be used.
Eric Tillman would be in the same bind.
Why is it sooooo hard to understand that they couldnt do anything about Trevis Smith?
And the KK thing... thats not over...

Now, moving away from turning another thread into a loyalty debate ...

Yeah, but the 600+ yards from Joseph kinda helps - can't really count them in the running back production department.

I would take Josh Ranek over Henri Childs anyday of the week. Although Childs is much younger, I believe Ranek is better, now.

I think Childs uck, straight up