Ranek becomes a Rider

Hello Riderland,

Wow, great move by ET. Josh Ranek has good north-south running power and good hands. This new acquisition gives our running game some great depth. Childs did well last week, but I believe Ranek can kick it into a higher gear.


Personally I like it even though pretty soon we are going to be the Saskatchewan Tiger-Reneriders :lol: that is if we are not already! This is a smart move by ET. I would love to see Holmes work on his return game first and foremost. Unfortunately I don't think he will get any better. Not because I don't believe in his ability but because Alex Smith is an idiot and can't come up with a decent blocking scheme. I would love to see Ranek be the guy to share the backfield with Cates. With Holmes actually catching a football for us this year, h3ll leave him as a backup reciever and use him with some reverses and trick plays. Or, put him in the backfield and get him in motion. He could carry the football 2 or 3 times in a game but I would leave the load up to Cates/Ranek and use Holmes more creatively. However I wished we could have used Armstead in trick plays where he is unstoppable but we didn't have use for that :frowning: and that just didn't quite work out and he got traded. Childs played decent but having Cates+Ranek in the backfield doesn't upset me at all. Hopefully he can regain his form from he was in Ottawa and being with KA and KJ I don't think that will be a probelm. He should have a handle on the basics of this offense already so that cuts down the learning time. Thumbs up ET! :thup: :thup:

I don't have a problem with signing Ranek for insurance, but the only way he even gets on the roster is if one or more of the other 3 guys is hurt.
A Cates + Ranek backfield means both Holmes and Childs are too beat up to play....
The reason Ranek was signed was because Corey has a shoulder injury, and Wes has still got the foot problem.
There are unlikely any plans to put Ranek on the roster.

Well simply take Childs out and put Ranek in first of all. Then he stays in based on, like you said, the health of Holmes and Cates. However the biggest thing is that the Riders are not a running team anymore so we don't really need all 3 backs. Interesting to see what happens next year..and with holmes' salary, might he be the odd man out. Honestly there are lots of returners out there.

Cant see Ranek being more than a cheap insurance policy either. We know he's been working out but really...you dont just get on the field after almost a year off.


Ranek was brought in because all 3 other RB's are injured, Childs has a groin (maybe?). Not sure how serious they are though.

I think you are missing the fact that if Cates and Holmes are healthy, NEITHER Childs nor Ranek will be on the roster. Childs was not a roster player since we got Holmes back until Cates got hurt.
And it is unlikely that Ranek will be ahead of Childs on the depth chart this year.
He's the #4 guy. Break glass in case of emergency!

I hadn't heard that one.
Looks like we should have kept Shemar Bracey.

Ranek, will not add anything to the current roster of starters. Pure and simple he is a insurance policy. Although, he might be brought in to push cates next training camp. Don't expect him and his injuries to upset Cates in training camp.

As was demonstrated in the last game, Holmes is still our best returner. Hill and Tad K did an adequate job at best. Nothing surprising.

I have been saying that since they let him go…

You might be surprised at the numbers but we still average the 4th best yards rushing per game, just 9 per game back of BC.

Sure. What does Austin know? He said Childs has good hands. Said Bracey does not. Did not say this but he almost said he has bad hands. This team throws to the backs a lot. I thought Childs played good against Edmonton. And Ranek played for Austin in Ottawa. To me Austin knows both. I trust him. 12-5 says I should. Says you should.

We also need a back who just flat out run as well...

Of course that is why Bracey was released.
All I can say on that is, Bracey is 25 and showed as much potential as I have seen from Childs at 27.
And Ranek at 29 is nearly done.
KK couldn't catch the ball either two years ago, but became an outstanding receiver since then.
Reality is, we will see just as much player loyalty from ET and Kent as we saw from Roy and Danny. It will just be interesting to see if they get criticised as much for it...my guess is they will not.
We sunk a lot of resources and time into Childs, so if we were only going to keep either him or Bracey, Bracey was gone...

I think the fact that Austin sat Fantuz shows alot when it comes to player loyalty. If a guy can play, he'll dress. If not, he'll be cut.

Where is Bracey now? Where are any of the guys the Riders have cut or traded? Not a whole lot starting for or even playing on other teams so their judgment couldn't be all bad.

ET contacted bracey, he told ET that he'd gained alot of weight and was not in game condition, so we get Ranek. Ranek's family owns a gym where Josh works out every day, he has a great work ethic and should see some action this W/E vs TO then who knows who plays vs calgary.(all info supplied by ET on another site.)

I didn't really want to start something, but knew I likely had.
Look, all coaches and GMs develop loyalty towards players.
It is human nature.
It is not a criticism against ET if he does it--and he does.
I just wondered why DB and Roy were so soundly criticised, but many are saying what you say, that somehow Kent and ET are different. They are not.
What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Nice to see RiderCult.com is still up and running.
You aren't in trouble now for sharing that insight with us?

I'm not saying ET and Austin won't develop loyalty for "their" guys, but I get the strong impression that what is best for the team and the team's image will come before loyalty to a player. This was definitely not the case with Roy and Danny.

Wally is a great example of loyalty only going so far. He had Warren for quite some time and liked him but when Warren missed the block that let Dave get cranked, it was the last straw, Warren was out and Smith was in. That is what I see Austin and Tillman being like. And that is the polar opposite of what DB and Roy were like.

I liked DB and Roy. However, they had their shortcomings. I like Austin and Tillman better likely because they seem to realize better what it means to be part of Saskatchewan. They have their shortcomings as well. No one is perfect.

The only problem is that this is year one. Wait a few yeas before discussing how ET and Austin are like loyal wise..