Ranek and Hudson sign with Ti-Cats, thanks Lonie you goof.

Very nice. Ottawa won't finish in 4th place in the East, they'll be so bad they'll finish in 5th. Thank you Lonie, you @@@@@&&*&%%%# !!! You better sign Doug Flutie, we are going to need as much help as possible. Sell the team to him while your at it and get the hell out of Ottawa. Go to Windsor with your circus freaks. :evil:

I just dont agree with you ORR. its not his fault about Hudson. That prick said he wouldn't sign here even after he was offered a ton of cash, saying that the offer was too long. Then he goes and signs a 5 year deal in steeltown. i wish nothing but the worst for him, and I will never forget what a traitor he is. As for Ranek, if he was commited to the Gades, he would understand that that extra 20K would be better spent on an o-lineman or defencive player, and he should have sucked it up. instead he leaves to follow money, and to me nothing could be more disgusting that a player who leaves for more money. I will never again cheer for either of these two players and hoe that Jessie comes back and moves Ranek into starting bench warmer

Loonie G. and the Renegade management are pathetic! We've seen this movie before and the ending is not good for football in Ottawa and the CFL. I am a TiCat fan and getting Hudson and Ranek will really help us but are we taking advantage of the mentally feeble( see Forrest Gregg) ? You Ottawa fans deserve our respect for hanging in but what you really need is an owner who has not had a lobotomy. As for the players who are leaving the Gades, who in their right mind would blame them?
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

All management had to do was agree with the years to keep this guy. They didn't and now they are paying the price for their stubbornness. I would hazard a guess that the salary offered by Hamilton was less than Ottawa's offer. Hudson is a smart guy, he knows when not to associate with people who don't know the business of running a football team with respect and professionalism.

Ranek was given a take it or leave it negotiation. Quite insulting to say the least. Lonie deserves what he reaps.

Finally. PatLynch, you are someone who understands how real Ottawa football fans feel.

Should I leave you two alone here? :lol:

Good riddance to them both. American running backs are a dime a dozen, we could go out and get someone for half the price they were offering Ranek, or we can now use that money to pick up some offensive linemen. Hudson, he was dead set on not coming back here, so there wasn't much mgmt could do about that.

Like i said before, let Ranek have fun playing for an offensive co-ordinator who was his head coach and would never give him the ball more than 10 times per game.

People are so quick to forget the great signings that they have already made by signing Banks, Hebert and Joseph to long term contracts.

Ka'Ron Coleman will be a suitable replacement for Ranek. he's younger, faster and can make people miss. Cory Hathaway can also play a bigger role now, i don't know about you guys, but i liked what i saw from him last season.

Now you know why i do not trust the Gliebs. They know their record and they will turn it into circus which i'm sure it will happen.

I'm sick of the lleged "fans" who never laid down any money for tickets or only go to the odd game and abandon the team after they lose and always threaten never to come back again etc..etc.. As a real football fan who is a season ticket holder and has been a Southsider in the stands with season tickets from the Russ Jackson era,I regard Hudson and Ranek as traitors
and I'm also sick of the Eric Tillman supporters--yes,he was smooth -talking
knwlegeable footbal comentator--but he was a lousey GM --poor talent evaluator,terrible in trading and especially his bungling efforts at the draft --all of which put us in worse shape than we should have been today --especially regarding O-line depth ...The incompetent Paopao was neither a good head coach nor a good GM (trades and draft handling ) either...SO we are left with a thin O-line in Cdn depth, still do not have a great Cdn reciever,only have 1 pick (#3 overall) in the first 20 at the upcoming draft (our next pick is #21)...and so we may be forced to draft an O-linemen when there are better choices at reciever and D-lineman talent in this draft...
All this mess is not Lonnie and Forrest Gregg's fault --nor is Hudson jumping ship not for the money (We offered plenty) but because the ingrate couldn't face his neighbours with the constant losing!

Here is hoiping that he and Ranek find out that Joe "Black Cloud" (Paopao)
will find unique ways to bungle things up with the Tabbies.and that a terrible line coach (Paopao's buddy) Kahuai makes Hamilton's O-line execute worse than they look onb paper --you want proof:

Alex Gauthier was deemed not good enough by the Paopao /Kahuai geniuses --lok at him now in Calgary...Thoise 2 bozos couldn't coach a high school team let alone a CFL winning team!

So to Hudson and Ranek--the grass may seem greener ,but I'm predicting as Robbie Burns says: "the best laid plans ...oft gang a glay"...

I'm actually optimistic we have shed some losers and will be better with some of the newcomers Jenkins is bringing in from his scouting list--remember it was that piece of junk Paopao that was loyal to hisvets and refused to let Lonnie bring in guys Jenkins had scouted last year...

IMO--we've gotten rid of the junk...

why stop at Windsor, ORR? kick them back arcoss the river that they came from!!!!

Agian this shows the lack of intelllegence the Gliebs have in Football it's a national disgrace to have them in the captial.


So, Hudson and Ranek are junk eh? Wow, your limited knowledge is astounding.

If he only got the ball 10 times a game, how did he manage to get over 1000 yards? That’s really impressive if you ask me. I believe you’re forgetting that this is supposed to be a run and shoot offence which takes away from the running game?

Hudson wasn’t dead set against staying here, he would have stayed if they made it a 3 year contract. 3 years doesn’t match what you’re saying. I know how facts might get in the way, should I refrain from stating them here for your benefit?