Randy's Ambrosie's first task

Might be others but this is what I would like.

I would like Randy Ambrosie to openly set the ground rules for a US team. Why?

Owners are doing their part but if fans do not want to support their teams then the owners should have an opportunity to move their franchise.

Canadians just might be dumb enough to let their team slip through their fingers! Quebec City or the East Coast is not the answer. Too small or no interest, right QC

Some of the larger Canadian centres are looking for US approval. Moving your team to the US - would that suffice?

Ambrosie's first task will not be prepping for another U.S. invasion. Too risky - paltry results the last go-round.

His first task should be cleaning out the vermin in the replay room - but it won't.

Randy knows better than to rock the boat when he pops out of the hatch. He'll be a Cool Hand Luke for the first 60 to 90 days!


After hearing that teams do not like National Advertising deals, and prefer to negotiate deals on a per team basis because they get more, I am left wondering what the CFL Commissioner can do to improve things, other than negotiating a TV deal that is 4 years from expiring, and being a pretty face.

Try get the rich oil down east involved in a team, that might be a start

First order of business for Ambroise.


See how the league functions for a full season to team's sales and marketing efforts....build relationships with corporate partners...understand their needs.

Understanding the media partners now and present on what they would need for a continued/futute partnership.

Same thing with the PA.

Overall build relationships and see how the league functions(or not) will help better assess the path to take and be able to execute it better.

Coming in guns a blazing will ensure another short tenure.

Fat chance.

Ambrosie was against the US expansion the first go...mainly because the ratio could not be enforced. Not going to happen.

Maybe he should be looking at reducing the Canadian ratio. Trying to find enough quality Canadian players every year is getting harder and harder. We read about more high schools dropping their football programs and kids playing other sports, that means less football players going to the CIS and fewer quality players to fill the ratio.

I can't argue with reducing the ratio and number of starting Canadians required slim in light of the facts as you say with less football being played in Canada now at the amateur level. The new commish should make this a priority. I don't think the new commish will be able to have much of an effect on seeing more high schools gain back their football programs or getting new high schools into football. Just too expensive, insurance costs and parents afraid of concussions swaying their kids away from football as well as some lack of really good coaching available. The writing may be on the wall for kids and amateur football in Canada in the not so distant future. I hope not but not looking great at this point, at least in some parts of the country.

And this ties in as well with looking to the US for opportunities for expansion, guarded expansion, not like last time.

Make winning the national championship of football in Canada more of a source of pride than it currently is. In Canada the Stanley Cup is the holy Grail for Canadians and the Grey Cup needs to be thought of in a similar light.

Focusing on the Canadian championship would also help dilute the constant NFL comparisons, since they are ineligible.

But how do you "make winning the national championship of football in Canada more of a source of pride than it curretnly is", you don't make any suggestions. How would a Commish do that?

I like the idea of Heny Burris being in London England tomorrow and will be "live" on CTV with the Grey Cup from the Canada Day celebration from Trafalgar Square. That's a pretty big deal!! The Trafalgar Square Canada Day thing is the biggest celebration outside of Ottawa every year.
You are right about the NFL and the Super Bowl, it's about enjoying both of them.

I guess I'm thinking that in terms of marketing the league, while you need to promote CFL star's etc., they are always going to pale in comparison with the NFL. So you need to focus on the difference's, which they do to some extent.

I imagine the Commissioner has some influence over the direction and perception of the league and it's marketing so get the Grey Cup out there. Trafalgar Square is one great idea, how about letting the winning players bring the cup to their hometowns like the NHL does. The sort of things that might get the cup into local news stories in the off season. Promote the game itself more during the season instead of just the few weeks before the big game.

I just think that these kind of things might promote a city's pride in ownership and lead to better rivalries and greater interest.

That is an excellent point though. Why many Canadians don't seem to understand what a national championship is or should/can mean of their own country in whatever sport or competition is perplexing in many ways. I guess to these people unless it's "major" with a heavy American slant, then it just can't be worthwhile even if it is a Canadian national championship. Who knows?

Won't happen. The rest of the league won't stand for 2 different sets of rules again and the Canadian ratio player requirement violates US labor law.

Definitely expansion to the East coast, then possibly a couple of strategically based US teams in perhaps Maine, North Dakota?

That would be a huge task for the new Comish.......................... :? :?
North Dakota ? - Fargo is the biggest town at just over 110k, they have a dome stadium seats 19k but built around an NFL sized field. :lol:
Maine? - Portland is huge with a population of 66k and the biggest stadium in Maine at the University of Maine 10k :lol:
East coast - doesn't have a stadium. The locals in Halifax are trying to get a soccer team but no talk or interest in the CFL.

I think the Commish will be busy trying to save the Argos and figure out attendance problems in Montreal and BC

Other leagues also have issues and they still are expanding.
Our mom and pop league is no different, but growth is extremely crucial to grow the game especially added TV numbers in either QC or Halifax.
Heck maybe even Saskatoon?

I would argue it is getting easier. There was a gap when a new team came in…that was about it. Jr and CIS level players are much better as a hole than they were a decade ago and there are more and more coming out of the US.

So take one strong franchise and make 2 weak ones? That is if somehow a stadium were to even get funded. Call back when the population of Saskatoon is 4-500k.

I think the most pressing issue he'll have to face is the low pay for the league's website moderators. Fix that, and everything else should fall into place nicely.

I think QC would be a very good expansion city but they are not interested. Halifax not yet. I am more interested in protecting the league then US expansion but the league should set the ground rules in case this must be explored.

So turn our focus on the rules only right now for adding 1 US team.

No ratio - I am ok with that. A different field size has to happen as they cannot fit a full size field in their stadiums. 15 yard end zones with a 100 yard field X 60 wide probably could make that work. Move the hash marks in line with the goal posts and the game would be the same. Discuss all of it

Should also write into the league constitution how many Canadian teams must reside in Canada. US expansion if it works gives a US owner so many financial advantages. 35 cents on the dollar with potential for a regional TV contract plus other things.