Randy Srochenski

Can anyone confirm if that botched fake was snapped by Randy Srochenski (who was on the roster as the LS)? I assume probably, but in case I missed something.......

If so, that is a tough way to end a career (if he does, and it sounds like that he may). But giving it to your former team from your own hometown........

I'm just saying.....and befoe anyone else has the chance...I'll do it for you -> :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

That reminds me of a funny story when Scrochenski broke into the league with the Riders. Through the 2 days of rookie camp, he was the cat's ass, cocky, young, got the world by the balls type player. His nickname was "Scorcher". After rookie camp, he makes it to the main camp, where his nickname is promptly changed to "Scrotum". So much for the hot rookie with the fancy nickname......

randy is a good guy and was a great player for the regina rams. Also has stuck around the cfl for along time

I used to go to a church that he was a preacher at. It was called the Christian Faith Centre.
He often referred to his job at the Roughriders in his sermons. I have since changed churches.

My highschool football coach made a point of bringing him up too. He said that Randy was a great example of how being really good at one particular skill can earn you a lengthy career in pro football.

As far as that snap being a bad way to end his career . . . The snap was fine. It hit buddy right in the hands. I don't know who received the snap but the owness is on him, not Srocenski.