Randy on the riders radar!

The Viking released moss today… And I am sure he has too much pride and would need way more then the cfl salary cap… But how good would he be with a big play qb like durrant? Rip up the cfl!

...until Fantuz starts getting more catches than him, and he starts whining about Durant and Fantuz having secret meetings...


Yup, he's practically on his way now... :lol: :lol:

The guy is cancer. I have no doubt some NFL team will take him off wavers.

Who's Randy and when did Durant become a big play Quarterback, before or after being the reincarnation of Doug Flutie?

(I know who Randy is, just don't care) :cowboy:

Hmmm Durant throws for over 5000 yards, but no he isnt any good.

Given the fact that Moss' 2010 contract was about $2-million over the CFL salary cap, I suspect he won't be coming up here anytime soon.

Maybe he and Printers can play together on some team somewhere. Wouldn't THAT be a fun locker room?


is this a Joke thread?

:roll: ... I think I said this in the thread, but not one Rider fan called Durant the next Flutie... we believe he can be a star in this league... I don't know how many times it has to be said for it to sink in...

He's already a star in this league.

Randy Moss would rip up the CFL just like Ricky Williams did. But I don’t think we have to worry about Moss ever playing in the CFL. Especially in Saskatchewan.

Maybe he'll sign in Miami and play with the Heat..
Seems fitting. Why not make it 4 egomaniacs?

That'd make the Mike Kelly comedy hour from Winnipeg look positively civilized by contrast!

That Durant the next Flutie thread was started by an Alouette fan. He has the potential to be really good. He has way more potential than any other up and comer quarterback in the CFL at this point. Ya he throws alot of interceptions, but he is still very young. Give him a couple of years and he will be one of the elite. In all honesty, who wouldnt want a young quarterback like Durant on your team?

well, I just hope the Riders aren't STUPID enough to trade him just as he's hitting his prime!..

Never underestimate Taman :lol:
Maybe you'll trade him to Toronto for a single late round draft pick

Taman doesn't trade FOR draft picks.. more likely, for Cleo Lemon straight up.

Problem is, after next year he is free to go wherever he wants. I have this feeling that he and Berry are worlds apart on their strategies and Durant will want nothing to do with him after this season. If Berry is still in the Riders employ next year I would bet the farm that Durant will listen to all offers and bolt from Sask. on his own after next season. Or, regardless of the coaches, he might get tired of the cult like atmosphere in Sask. when it comes to the Riders, and all the bashing that goes with it when players don't perform magic. Anyone remember a Mr. Austin in the early 90's? History may in fact, repeat itself.