Randy Moss A Patriot

Are you kidding me, how long is he gonna last with Belichek ?

...in exchange for a fourth round pick, talk about a drop in value.....hilarious....

Another "can you say problem" on your hands with this guy.

I was wondering the same thing. Belichek won't put up with egotistic head cases.

On the flip side, maybe a guy like Belichek is exactly what the "freak" needs.

The Pats singed Randy Moss? Is this True? I didnt see it on the NFL.com webpage but and the Patriots page remained tight-lipped.

All he went for was a fourth round?

Are the Raiders FN crazy? 4th rounder?

I could barely see Aaron Brooks being given away for a 4th rounder!

Please Clarify wtf?

…apparently Brett Favre is publically pissed that the packers didn’t try harder to go for Moss…Moss in GB???..the fans he mooned!!!..maybe Favre was drunk or something…