Randy Bringing Candy

To announce Boivin`s departure on a late Friday afternoon without the courtesy of an explanation to Alouette fans. This after dragging out the sale, again without the decency of any occasional explanations whatsoever.

Didier said he tried reaching Ambrosie to no avail. There are league meetings next Tuesday, but all I expect from him is more mealy mouth meaningless verbiage, before he goes on vaunting his brilliant achievements in CFL 2.0. Talentless Global players forced on coaches who want nothing to do with them.

Is there anyway to positively spin the removal of Patrick Boivin? He would not have been fired if the team was meeting financial expections or if Claridge was to be a significant co-owner. Likewise, the league would not have appointed a replacement if an ownership announcement was coming anytime soon.

Sorry to be negative but this is Ominous. Ambrosie has no buyers and Boivin being canned and replaced by a bean counter, spells the end of the Alouettes IMO. Board winter meetings start next week.

The league pulled the plug on the GM hire.
The league cans the Executive.
The governors meet Tuesday.

With no buyer, the governors will vote on floating the team for another season or folding it before free agency begins.

They will call it “temporarily suspending operations” like they did with the Renegades.

Ambrosie may not survive these meetings either. He’s been a total failure.

There is never a good way to announce that someone has lost his job, “est démis des ses fonctions”. Two days ago it was New Year and yesterday was “un congé pour plusieurs”. I kind of understand that the announcement came on a Friday afternoon and also understand why the League or the Commissioner is not available to talk and answers questions from members of the Media.

The fact that Patrick Boivin is no longer the President and CEO tells me that the future Owners do want to hire the President and CEO.

I definitely expect that we will learn more next week. I am still optimistic.


Richard, if they were planning to announce the sale of the team next week, they would not have bothered putting another officer in place.

I think he’s there to handle the “liquidation”.

Have to admire your optimism after so many months.

That’s what I see as well. I never like to see the end of a franchise, a “temporary suspension of operations…” or whichever way it may be spun. Let’s face it, we have seen this fiasco coming down the pike for years.

I believe that the only hope is that some CFL fanatic with extremely deep pockets and not afraid to keep losing money will magically come forward like a character out of The Wizard of Oz. Is there any such person out there?

The saddest thing for me is that not many in this fair city will see such a demise, if it comes to that, as a big deal. I hope for a miracle because that’s what I think it will take.

Actually it should be easy enough for a reporter to just ask Boivin for clarity on the situation. Unlike Kavis he left on good terms, the league thanking him for his services.

Because of the debt and the issues with the Revenu agencies, it is more attractive to shutter the business down and start fresh. Sell an expansion fee down the road, allow prospective owners to negotiate new leases or whatever they plan to do (new stadium).

Another option would be for the XFL to come and place a team in Montreal down the road if they are successful as a league. Just don’t know if Indoor football Feb to April going against the Holy Fleece be doable?

The danger for the CFL if they leave the door wide open to those pushing MLB in Montreal. Impact will also benefit.

Don’t feel good about this one! As Sheldon says, Ambrosie is a joke. Johnny wishes he could be optimistic, but things smell really bad.

Why is Ambrosie being blamed for all this?

Good for you Richard, things are never as bad as they seem. We obviously have , been kept in the dark, but… I’m still optimistic too.

I only wrote that “I definitely expect that we will learn more next week”. I did not write that the sale of the team will be announced next week, though I certainly expect that we should have more answers next week.

Yes, there are definitely complexities in the selling of the team, but to me it makes sense to sell the team only after the conclusion of the season/ the end of the year. The future Owners will definitely have to pay/ absorb the 2019 deficit. The other eight Teams won’t want to pay for the 2019 Alouettes operations.

Unfortunately for him, I don’t expect Mr. Robert Wetenhall to receive much, if anything, for the selling of the team. The League is in full control.

I could be wrong, but yes I am optimistic and confident that the new Owners will be introduced sooner than later.

David Goldstein is a top individual for the interim position of President and CEO of the Alouettes. Quite qualified. He would make a top President and CEO, once the Team is controlled by the new Owners.


I think the real question is, Do you believe in miracles ?. I think last season was somewhat of a miracle that not many of us saw coming. Miracles do happen, and I honestly expect this year to be even better than last year on so many levels. Its still early, but a lot of good stuff is taking place already.

Eric is working hard, Khari is working hard, the staff is coming together. Its gonna be a great year in Montreal. I can’t wait for free agency to start. We’ve got a really solid foundation of players to build on, and I would be really surprised if we lost many if any of our main pieces, other than Stanback of course, and even he’s replaceable in this offence… Anyway, I believe in Miracles.

I must say that I am quite surprised that Eric Lapointe has been quiet for many months. Is he involved in some capacity? Again, we should have answers next week.


Firing Patrick Boivin right after the fiscal year ended to me means that the Als lost more money than expected this past season which in turn makes the selling of the team more difficult.

But if money is the holdup in any potential sale, why have there been no further talks with Eric Lapointe or Clifford Starke? Lapointe once said something like money is not a problem. Starke said he was willing to commit $35 million.

RA is no joke and no farce.

being in charge of this league in these days is an uphill task. No matter what is tried, what effort is made, there will always be problems for people to bitch about, no matter who is running things.

Randy deserves respect for his efforts, as well as the man that he is.

Randy is a joke.

CFL 2.0 is a joke
His management of the Halifax expansion project is a joke
His handling of the Als is a joke.
His handling of the Manziel thing a joke from beginning to end.

For over a year the fans of this team have been kept in the dark, prospective owners have again and again publicly lamented his poor communications.

Replacing the young local executive on a Friday at the end of a news cycle with a Toronto lawyer with zero explanation to fans, media and EMPLOYEES is a JOKE and a slap in the face to the FANS who continued to support this team against all logical thinking.

How were Starke, Lapointe and Guzzo treated by Ambrosie?

It isn’t hard to find out, they are on record.

After the surprising season the Als just had, I am curious to know how season ticket sales have gone up to this point.
There was great potential to rebuild that base at season’s end.
Who knows where that is at right now, especially given no update on potential ownership, no hiring of a GM and now the release of the President.