Randy Ambrosie report card:

Plain and simple. As fans of this great league how would you grade the current boss? Feel free to elaborate on your choice.

Doesn’t matter … he doesn’t do anything that the Board of Governors hasn’t OK’d.

Fine. So by grading him you are grading the BOG’s. What grade do you give?

B. I would like to see more fans at the games but overall I think the talent is as good as it’s ever been in the league. I’d still like to see an expansion team.

The talent really as good as ever. Canadian players crossing over to NCAA & playing some time in the NFL. & coming back.
As well many Americans are bouncing to the CFL from NFL. as well as starting in CFL. Stint in NFL and back to CFL…

The Top 1/3 of the NFL players Canadian or American. Are the Prime players.
That middle 1/3 of Talent in both CFL & NFL. Bounce back and forth by the masses every year now.
The NFL replaces this huge group with cheaper yunger rookies. So Sooo many bounce to or back to the CFL.
Cant expect the CFL to compete with those elite players signing 100 million dollar contracts.
Canadian players are much better now than ever. So $$$ talks.
The last 3rd of CFL rosters are made up of mainly Canadian players on special teams.
The CFL much Different from the NFL. special teams is almost as equal as offense & Defense in the CFL.

Yeah I think some of the rule changes specifically surrounding kick returns in the NFL have really allowed the league to attract more of those speedsters and improved some of those skill positions in the league. You are right, money does talk though especially when American players are losing 25 cents on the dollar.

He’s the bag man for the owners. Plain and simple.

I gave him a C plus .


Initiative on the Global idea of other nations playing our style of the three down game . Until I heard him say that is the plan and not just some players I was against it .

Keeping Montreal alive and keeping that franchise up and going without cutting everything is a tremendous achievement . By him being the leader of the CFL he gets some of the praise despite some great work by many in that organization . Getting out of the way and delegating is a form of good leadership .

Being honest about the negative growth and telling like it is with the CFL being a terrible investment for a return . That honesty was refreshing and needed to be told to some CFL fans and maybe even owners ( who he himself has said ) who are delusional of the current and future financial dynamics .

Global TV deals even if not large is a step in the right direction .


Appears Invisible with current Halifax bid . Expansionand infrastructure building is job number one for anyone wanting to haveprogress with the CFL .

TSN deal rumour is crap . Hope he hasn’t sold the CFL lifeline for beans . US deal with ESPN partnership alone is notdeveloping enough interest or money . This one is speculative as negative but I don’t seethe league office denying it .

Schedule this year is putrid .

CFL Cobranding is not very good . Raptors areeverywhere with it on my bread at home , on my TV , in the stores front counter cash and are usingeverything you could possibly use to licence theirbrand.Everywhere you see cobranding you can’t get away from it when it comes to the Raptors . With the CFL you see nothing .

One positive I’ve seen this year–and I don’t know much it relates to the commish or how much money it brings in–is a large uptick in corporate sponsorship ads on Facebook.

Freedom Mobile
Total Engine Oil
Save On Foods

Not all of those are new for this year, but I think many of them are.

Another positive I’ve noticed is an elevated emphasis on promoting the in-stadium experience, both on FB and on TSN broadcasts, promoting each city’s stadium food or highlighting youngish fans drinking a lot, for example. I don’t know how much this will impact attendance in years to come, but building a culture of fun and unique identity connected to each stadium experience should be a step in the right direction.

Very nice summary.
Global TV contracts are great if or when they happen.
Has any Global countries paid for rights or paid any $$$$ to the CFL.

Definately a 10th team secured in CFL IS HUGE. The Commish and the CFL office has been MIA. IN this process.
That is very concerning.

Every country around the World that plays gridirion football play by US rules.
Under the IFAF.
International Federation of American Football. Which is a very struggling orginization.
Had to cancel its last Senior World Championships.

Is this something that CFL/Football Canada/Usports take some lead in hosting.
And even begin to hold a combine to teach. Global & US players CFL three down rules?

Impossible to grade him or the BoG as we don’t know what “expectations” were set for this season … ratings must relate to what was tasked

I would have thought that securing a new collective agreement with the CFLPA was a noteworthy accomplishment for Ambrosie this year. Perhaps I am the only one.

I rate him as C+. He’s way better than the reclusive and rather glib and ineffective Orridge though does not appear so far as strong as was Cohon.

Gave him a B.
I’d like to see the playoff format changed to better reflect the regular season results. I’d also like to see disciplinary actions be more consistent.

I like his attempt to expand internationally. It may or may not work but at least he’s trying something. The CBA is no small feat, and I think he’s managed or managing to diffuse several landmines such as Montreal ownership. There are other fires he needs to get some water on.

No one can be perfect. But overall I’ve been happy with his tenure so far.

Actually very bad in my opinion. Most hated Gary’s leadership of NHL. Results now show an excellent job. NHL now a big-time league with great financial results. We in CFL have gone totally backward.
Not bringing a big-time deal for two major teams, Toronto and Montreal spells failure.
Pointing to Halifax is a bigger joke as a league savior. Yes, Halifax wants a franchise but chasing this BAD illusion, which brings little or No extra CFL sponsors and increases in home attendance.
We need a major boost to the young and old to be interested and faithfully follow the CFL. Cheers

He gets a F in my eyes. Biggest reason is his complete fail on following through with his joke of a stance on player safety. He’s a politician and they all suck

Hmmmm, interesting idea that assuming control of international football! Change the name of the thing to CanAm football and then…


Huh?! What kind of deal do you want for Toronto and Montreal?


Yup. Call what ya want. But if he is spending
A majority of his time with this 2.0 stuff.
With promises of TV revenue a
Round the world. Than the Cfl Commish should be taking the initiative to promote the 3 down game.
Seems like a half A** job

Yes Steve, we know you don’t like the 2.0 stuff.
You tell us in every thread.
You’re beginning to enter IvanDiablo territory.