Randy Ambrosie is the New Commissioner

according to Jeff Hamilton of TSN 1200 in Winnipeg.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/06/28/former-cfl-lineman-randy-ambrosie-named-new-commissioner-report/]http://3downnation.com/2017/06/28/forme ... er-report/[/url]

Fantastic selection IMO. He has a good resume...plus time with the CFLPA is a huge feather

Has an impressive resume. President and CEO with AGF among other large financial firms. Plus a former player so is very familiar with the league too.

Two check marks the league is looking for....now board...let him do the job you hired him to do.


TOTAL agree now board...let him do the job you hired him to do ???? Increase salary cap to
10 million per year. Increase revenues by 30%, Expand league to 10 or 12 teams. Anywhere??
Increase game attendance by 25%. Your free to GO. And be a public in front figure everyday.

I agree lets not interfere. GO GO. If only it was that easy. Gee's :thup: :thup:

Seems like a fantastic choice no question. :thup:

Seems very well spoken from what I can see from this past interview. "Client engagement" - nice!


A successful businessman who has played and knows the league very well sounds like a sure thing.
The only other person similar may be, Jake Gadaur who nearly ruined the league with the black outs.


Looks like a good hire on paper, but we should all know by now that David Braley and Bob Wetenhall are going to sabotage any hope there is of him doing anything meaningful. To think otherwise as fans at this point shows a borderline Stockholm Syndrome-esque mindset.

I give him two or three years tops before he is forced out or resigns out of frustration.

He has a great pedigree in business, the CFL and the CFLPA.
The CBA expires after the 2018 season, It will be interesting how it shakes out.
Hopefully he can oversee negotiations and get a fair contract that both the owners and players can live with.

Makes a lot of sense, a CEO type person and the added benefit of connections to the CFL

U of Manitoba Bison Alumni. Can't get a better pedigree.

Appears to be a solid choice. Hopefully his time with the PA will serve him well recognizing the role players play in the overall development of the league.

I wonder if he's looking at this:

This is bizarre, even though Ottawa sold out their East final game and beat the Esks, it cost them $1 MILLION.
It seems that financially it is better for a team to be on the road for the East/West final.

All teams get revenue from the Grey Cup??? which means the winner gets a lower amount.
Looks like they are changing the formula.

if the Redblacks had lost the Eastern Conference final against the Edmonton Eskimos, OSEG would have been $1 million ahead.
the CFL has given the exact same amount of money to the two Grey Cup teams for decades.

“As costs go up, the attendees who are going actually lose money by participating in the Grey Cup game. It’s something which the league is now addressing and what it really means is all nine teams, which get a distribution from the Grey Cup, will take a lower amount and the two teams that are going to the Grey Cup will get a larger distribution.?

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/redblacks-owners-push-cfl-on-changes-to-grey-cup-money-sharing]http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-new ... ey-sharing[/url]