Randy Ambrosie interview with Donnie and Dhali


I think Ambrosie knows Atlantic Canada is a long shot but he isn’t saying it publicly. That’s why we have him pushing QC now.

Yea, I wouldn’t disagree with you on that one.


Your right

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I think this expansion of Halifax and Quebec is a case of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If there was interest from the public in those places, they would have no problem finding an owner and the politicians would find a way to build a stadium because it means votes.


Totally correct. There is no interest anywhere in the world for a CFL franchise where the CFL wants to put one. They don’t want to put another team in the other provinces excluding the Atlantic and Quebec City because the CFL owners don’t want to give up the money they receive from people going to games, buying merch etc.

They are definitely trying to force it because of greed. As most people know the TSN contract is expansion friendly. More games per week is also gambling sponsorship friendly.

Mark this day on the calendar. I 100% agree with you.

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Randy been busy “having discussions” and “building foundations” for years now. When’s the rest of the house coming?

I know this sounds nuts and it’s not going to happen but I do wonder about going back to the concept of amateur teams being able to vie for the Grey agains’t the CFL champs. So the winner of the Canadian university championship, now the Vanier Cup champs which is the highest level of amateur football in Canada as most would see it I think, would compete agains’t the winners of the CFL, in the Grey Cup. Wasn’t that long ago that…
“The ORFU, the last purely amateur union competing for the Grey Cup, withdrew from Cup competition in 1954.”

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I couldn’t get excited about watching a 74-0 game.

Yeah, that’s a given I suppose.

I would be interested if the pros could crack 100. Maybe see if the amateurs can sneak a rouge in there :wink:

That would get old quickly lol

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