Randy Ambrosie in Hamilton Feb. 22

Does anyone know the details on this? Looking at the other stops on the road trip it seems like an invite-only type deal for selected season ticket holders (I'm not, I'm poor :(). It would be amazing to sit in on this somehow. Anyone care to leak the info?

Lots of hand wringing and clutching at pearls over Briles and Manziel and not a single comment about Duron Carter the drug smuggler. What gives , Randy?

Maybe he thinks smoking weed isn't as bad as beating up women and covering up for people who commit gang rape? But that's just a wild guess, if anyone tells me where to find Randy Ambrosie on the 22nd I'll try to ask him.

It wasnt smoking weed.

It was smuggling of an illegal amount of weed, a controlled substance, across a border and then through two airports.

Doesnt have to be "as bad" to make a single comment. if personal accountability matters to the league, and apparently it does, saying nothing is weak.

Man can we start another thread about Duron Carter and the evils of moving personal quantities of marijuana across provincial borders? I just really want to know the details of CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie's visit to Hamilton on Feb. 22.

Maybe this can be part of the CFL's sales pitch to American players like Butler and Wilder starting this summer... "The money's lousy, the taxes are high, the exchange rate is bad, rent can be expensive, but hey, you don't have to practise too much and weed is totally legal." ???

Can someone ask Ambroisie why CFL not considering an eqrlier start to season, like in late May/early June? Makes a whole lor of sense to stay away from November and NFL games.

Carter is just ahead of his time! He is anticipating July 2018!

Carter is ahead alright, a Pothead! :slight_smile:

Here's the link to enter your name for the draw.

Best wishes Riggins. Hope it all works out for you & you get to attend.

It was an illegal amount even under Justin's proposed laws.

League officials don’t weigh in on stuff still before the judicial system. This is not new.

Nothing stopping him from saying anything. At least Jones offered a feeble "we're disappointed".

His professionalism stopped him. It’s a thing for some people.
Jones is his coach and not a league official - so naturally he is directly affected by this. Plus we know he and Duron are tight. Ambrosie isn’t.

Its unprofessional to say nothing. Cant pick and choose between what scores you virtue signal points for the league and criticizing a boring old drug charge that might make you look uncool.

Would be strategic signing if Johnny
football ? is inked on the 22nd publicity goldmine for Ticats and CFL !$ That’s my Hunch ! Heresssssssss Johnny !

He’s ahead of Justin too!

  1. Too late, you had to RSVP by Feb. 7. You also had to be a season ticket holder, and you would
    have been informed by the TiCats last Friday, the 9th, if you had won tickets !!

Has anyone on this site been informed that they were given a spot?

  1. Surprisingly I just heard from the Cats that I have won 2 tickets for this event !!