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So there i was at the Adesa Dealer Car Auction on #7 Highway (i am a small dealer) and they were drawing for some great prizes the main 3 being a pair of Bomber Season Tickets, Stainless Steel BBQ and a Patio set with other prizes including alot of Bomber merchandise (hats, jersey's, shirts etc.) and in attendance was Steve Morley, Luke fritz and Chris Cvetkovic, i never realized how big these guys really were until Morley almost bumped in to my father (who is older) and said excuse me, so my dad whispers in my ear "he didn't have to say excuse me and sorry, what am i going to do fight the monster".

Just a random thought but i thought this was the funniest thing i have seen and heard my father say in a long time, by the way Fritz, Morley and Cvet were very good guys and i asked out of the Blue (no pun intended) if it is true that player's are showing up early this year to get an edge on learning the CFL, system and playbook? Without hesitation "one" of the player's (not going to say who) made a remark something along the lines of "over 90% of the TC Roster are already here, rest will be here this week" and he also mentioned this little fact "Little do people know that alot of our training camp roster has been here since April". HMMM ... i don't think he is BS'ing and i would not accuse a 6'6+ man of lying.

I also asked all three seperately about there take on LaPo, mack and Buck Pierce and the responses were similar but not rehearsed. They all said Mack has brought a tremendous amount of professionalism to The Bomber's, smart guy and he is a winner. The remarks on LaPo were similar as well a great football mind and a coach we can respect and play hard for unlike other coaches in the past (i'll assume Kelly). All three are absolutely thrilled to have Buck Pierce in the Peg and all have said it's been a long time coming since we have had a #1 QB on the roster, also mentioned one said "but don't count out Steven, Ricky or Adam just yet because all of these guys have amazing attitudes and alot of talent".

Well that's my true story and if you ever get to meet these guys in public don't be shy talk to them because they are great guys!!



Great story, thanks.

I didn't hear the Obby Khan interview on cjob last night, but apparently it was along the same lines, something about 6 plays on offense last season, lol, that's ripe.

[url=http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playerpages/playerbreakingnews.asp?sport=NFL&id=5672&line=173194&spln=1]http://www.rotoworld.com/content/player ... 194&spln=1[/url]

hef update :stuck_out_tongue: not good. random topic right :stuck_out_tongue:

but since APRIL? awesome, we might be better than we expected. who knows.

as for the khan interview on h@l last night... dude needs to like take a long assesment of his play at the start of the year cuz he said basically he was playing fine and kelly called him out, i remember obby struggling at the start of the year.. MORE than the other olinemen but anyways.. also thought he should have taken the high road cuz what happened last year.. we all know now.. no need to rehash it, concentrate more on i dunno... THIS SEASON maybe?

but with 90 percent (probably stretching it abit) here already.. amazing. has that actually happened b4 where even like 50 percent of guys were here. hargreaves is on my fb, he's not here, dont think ian logan is, dont think dimichele is, dont think santos is... buck just got here the other day, i dunno. but ya good to know that some are here :slight_smile:

i know khan brown and january spend alot of time here year round... never knew fritz and morely did tho. Good stuff indeed.

its nice to see.. is this type of thing typical across the cfl?