Random thoughts...

  1. Why the heck didn't Henry use his legs more? The Stamps have killed us countless times scoring TDs on broken plays. 1 rushing yard for Hank!
  2. When I watch the game I like to look at the QBs eyes. You could see a change in Durant through the game as he relaxed, and at the end I thought you could tell Burris looked a little wound up.
  3. The Stamps should totally have gone after Morgan's replacement today. Poor play calling / coaching, IMO.
  4. The Cates fumble review was correct. Not sure about the Burris intentional grounding call. However, after scanning the various message boards and newspapers tonight most of Stampederdom seems pretty wound up about the taunting call. You know what? It may have been questionable, but the bottom line is if you keep your mouth shut you don't take a penalty.
  5. That's about it for now.
  6. Oh yeah. Go Riders!

Morgan's replacement wasn't taken advantage of because he did his job. It's hard to take advantage of a guy that is covering your receivers.

Also, a random thought of my own. We better get Congi's replacement practicin' kickin' non-stop from now till Sunday afternoon because he got no shots at FGs today and the West semi-final he looked terrible.

Also, the taunting call was the very definition of taunting. He was in the face, he did a taunt, end of story.

Cates, Durant, Miller, Etch, Taman, all y'all worked through the adversity this season rammed in your face and showed all the non-believers that their opinion is worth nothing.


DD needs to put some air under the ball for short dumps over the Dline. They knocked down his throws a number of times. GM should sit. 3 dropped punts in two games, he got two back and thank Freeman for his recovery. If Barrin is hurt don't play, you'll hurt the team. A number of guys stepped up today and last week!

I too was shocked at how little Henry ran with the ball. 1 Yard on 1 carry is unbelievable!

I was also impressed with the Rider D-Line -- they did a heck of a job stopping Reynolds and Cornish.

I hope Grice Mullen has a seat reserved for him on the BENCH during GC

Kudos to Getzlaf and Koch -- Koch made an impressive td grab right before half-time.

Classy team effort by the Green and White

The opposite is true of the Stamps -- what a classless organization!!!

Come on Riders -- Bring home the Cup!!!!!!

Wes Cates is the true definition of a Rider. He plays hard and with class no matter what people say about him. He hasn't had 100 yard games in these playoffs but he's made huge 1st downs and TD's when we needed them the most. We wouldn't be going to the Grey Cup without him. Go Wes!!

Wes has had a fantastic year not just rushing but also receiving - some of the catches he has made are definitely highlight reel stuff. In total agreement with your assessment of his contribution to our going to the CUP.

this team will be ready to play come Sunday.

I know it, you know it! the Media knows it although they may not admit to it.

they're gonna win and they wont allow the Als the chance to come back this time.

Had Calgary played as a team and given a combined 'team' effort, the outcome might have been very different. As it was, the Riders did whatever they could to win. From receivers blocking for their teammates to defenders going the extra bit, to the entire team playing an almost penalty free game, the Riders won as a team. As Ken Miller has so often said, the Riders are a family to him and they obviously feel the same way about him and each other.

I expect to read on Monday morning that once again TSN broke audience records in large part because our guys were in the game.