Random Thoughts

This team needed to play in a desperate fashion to have any chance of turning their season around. When Taffe refused to go for the first down on third and inches, the collective air went out of the team, the fans, and the entire stadium. That was a momentum killer, and definitely not the play of a team desperate for a win. Charlie doesn't play to win, he plays not to lose..big difference.

Next thought, is there a worse free safety than Ryan Glasper? He is phenomenal in run support and totally lost in pass defense, and this is a passing league. Make him a linebacker in place of Mariuz and get someone like Steinhouer in to place safety. Scott Mitchell is a waste of an import at receiver, so use the extra American on defense.

Lastly, Jonta Woodard is terrible and is a big part of why the passing attack struggles. Allows constant pressure on the QB from the right side or he commits a penalty. Need an upgrade there.

Try playing to win and stop playing not to lose.

That was the correct call to make. Too bad the blind zebra missed the BLATANT illegal block that sprung the smurf...

Yes. His name is Sandy Beveridge.

I agree, Steinauer would be an incredible signing. I find it intriguing that we haven't heard about ANY negotiations in the media about him (with ANY team)...

Maybe he needs to sit down for a while. It seems to me that there is a hard-working, speedy, highly-improved SB that didn't play last night for whatever reason...

Agree wholeheartedly. The guy is a pylon at best. (Actually, that insults pylons everywhere. Once in a while, somebody can actually trip over a pylon...)