random thoughts...just to tick some people off

cant help but wonder if the occupy vancouver people are still around, will they try to do things to mess with the grey cup festivities and game. Maybe they will invite their occupying friends from across canada to join them.

If the Lions should be in and win the game, will they try to cause a mini riot? Will the police be ready this time?

I guess the worst thing they could do about the game is to buy tickets and sit them filthy stinkin selves amongs the rest of the fans. Of course, I guess if they could afford tickets, they wouldnt be part of the occupy campaign...or would they

on a related note, re the recent news about the increased possibility of acts of terrorism happening in Canada, will the game be a target? If you are going to the game and thought this possible, would it change your mind about going?

There, I am temp back on top of the board again. Yahoo, just made my day. Yippee......

Just like the occupy Calgary, Edmonton toronto etc. I wish they would occupy a job.

Why would the Lions try to start a riot. (OK I know what you meant, couldn't resist. I guess I'm in trouble now)

If threats of terrorism result in us changing what we do, the terrorists consider it a victory. I wouldn't give them the sweat off my nether regions never mind any satisfaction. I will occupy my seat at the game.

There, now I am above you on the board.

Can someone Occupy my backyard? I want an excuse to avoid raking it.


Back in June Vancouver rioted because of a Lions Pre season win against Calagry on the road June 15th. I cant imagine what they will do if the lions win the grey cup> But they did hand it to the stamps pretty good that night. Beef up security Vancouver...

too lazy to check the schedule, but I wonder if the canucks are playing grey cup day?


Looks like the Canuks play in San jose on sat the 26th, and not again until the 29th at home

on the 27th(grey cup sunday) the flames play in minisota, and ottawa has a home game. thats the only canadian involved games in grey cup sunday.

well, if canucks lose on the 26th and Luongo plays bad letting in soft ones, fans may wake up a little snarly on the 27th, start drinking for breakfast and ....

Canucks are off till the 39th, maybe that explains why they’ve never won Lord Stanleys Cup.

they leep losing because of typos??

my forum says i typed the 29th. lol

Just having fun, I should be careful though, there is always somebody who takes everything seriously.

We should not take the World seriously, that is baseball. :cowboy:

Don't worry the Lions won't be in the cup as they are starting to suck again. :cowboy: