Random survey...

Hey, I was just wondering about what the typical CFL fan is like (i.e.how old he/she is who their team is, where theyre currently living etc.), so I decided to come on here and start a survey where we can tell each other where we're from, who our team, how long we've been fans and so on. I'll start:

Age: 19
Living in:Edmonton
CFL fan: 1 year and a half

a year and a half? hmm…

Living in: Regina
Team: Riders
CFL Fan: Longer Than You :stuck_out_tongue:

Age: 21 (Thanks You Two For Making Me Feel Like An Old Buck)
Hometown: Toronto
Living In: Toronto
Team: Argos
CFL Fan: Since Flutie Was Here

Living in:Saskatoon
Team: Riders
CFL Fan:7 years.

Age: 28
Hometown: Winnipeg
Living in: Winnipeg
CFL fan: 24 years (this is my 24th year as a Blue Bomber season ticket holder)

Age: 41
Hometown: Richmond
Live in: Surrey
CFL Fan: 30 years

Hometown: Esterhazy, SK (shhh don't tell anyone :lol: )
Living in: Regina
Team: Riders
CFL Fan: As long as I can remember

What can I say? I started dating a girl from Saskatchewan two years ago...She got me hooked. (no joke!!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine, I'll weigh in....

Age: 31
Hometown: Saskatoon
Living In: Cowgary
Team: Riders
CFL fan: 25 years or so, gets a bit hazy back that far in the ol' memory banks...

Age: As old as my tongue and slightly older than my teeth
Hometown: Red Deer
Living in: Calgary
Team: Eskimos followed by Stampeders then the CFL West Rep.
CFL fan since: My first hero was Jackie Parker, you do the math.

From reading other posts, you guys are a bunch of young whippersnappers.

Hometown: Ottawa
Living in: Ottawa
Team: Rough Riders/Renegades/? but used to be an Argo fan!
CFL Fan since: before Super Season 88!
Heroes: Chuck Ealey, Hank (The Shank) Ilesic, Condredge Holloway, J.C. Watts. Man, those were the good ol' days!

Age: 17
Hometown: winTERpeg
Living In: winTERpeg
Team: Blue And Gold
CFL fan since: about 15 years ago when i would all the bomber game that were televised with my old man.

Hometown: Moose Jaw
Living in: Regina
Team: Roughriders
CFL Fan since: I was four (Sure, I didn't understand it all that much, but I still watched!)

Hometown: Vancouver
Living in: Grande Prairie
Team: Lions
CFL fan: 20 years

Age: 14
Hometown: Toronto
Living in: Toronto
Team: Argonauts
CFL fan: casual fan for about 3 years...hardcore since THIS season started.

Age: 27
Hometown: Regina
Living in: Edmonton
Team: Riders
CFL fan: as long as I can remember

Its nice to see you younger fans.

AGE: 39
HOMETOWN: Charlottetown
TEAM: The next Ottawa team (for now, the Argos)
CFL since the late 70's

Age: 39
Hometown: Milwaukee
Living in: Milwaukee
Team: Lions in West, Ti-cats in East
CFL fan since: Warren Moon joined the Eskimos, but it's difficult to see any games these days...

Age: 17
Hometown: St-Hubert, Quebec
Living in: St-Hubert, Quebec
Team: Montreal Alouettes
CFL Fan since : 1996

Age: 45
Hometown: Kamloops
Living in: Bellingham, WA
Team: Lions
CFL Fan: I've bee a fan for 32 years and have gone to 12 Grey Cups.