Random questions from an American

First off, let me say I really do enjoy watching the CFL, I find it to be a very exciting brand of football, but I do have some questions y'all might be able to help me with, so here it goes:

  1. What the heck is an Alouette?
  2. Hamilton is called the Tiger-cats, isn't this redundant? I know a Tiger
    is a cat, and that the cat family includes tigers.
  3. Whats up with BC, undefeated, but yet when I see them on tv at home
    there dome is half empty, and there's a stupid net up that blocks the
    first 4 rows of the upper deck?
  4. Which team came up with the color scheme and the helmets first, the
    the Edminton Eskimos, or the Green Bay Packers?
  5. Whats the difference between a rouge and a single?
  6. Not football related, but why is the city of Regina pronounced like the
    word vagina, why not Regeena, me and the Mrs. chuckle every time we
    hear it. Side joke, when the game from there was on down here, they
    showed the cheerleaders and I said, look at that Regina. I know, it's
    stupid, but allow me one bad joke.
  7. Is the Gray Cup really just a cup that's gray? How long did it take
    them to come up with that name?

Now, I had to adopt one team to follow and cheer for, and I picked the Roughriders, why? well here's my logic...picking BC or Montreal would be to easy since there in first place....and Hamilton just sucks (sorry if the truth hurts), Winnipeg isn't much better. I went to a baseball game in Toronto and didn't really like the Skydome, so there out, and Calgary and Edmiton...well couldn't pick one over the other, so its the Roughriders for me. Now, I'm from Cincinnati, so I need someone from Regina to cheer for my Cincinnati Bengals!

I hope you take this post with humor that it was intended to be, and I'd like to thank WOTH-LP channel 25 in Cincinnati for showing the CFL.

Go Roughriders

We're Always Glad To Have Another Fan Joining Our Ranks Here On The Huddle, I'll Try To Asker Your Questions Best I Can And Hopefully Be Able To Hit Submit Faster Then Anyone Else.

  1. An Alouette Is Like A Bird, Ro1313 And Third And Ten Can Explain Exactly What It Is, But Basically It's A Bird

2.The Tiger-Cats Is Actually Two Teams, The Tigers, And The Flying Wildcats

  1. Not Sure About That One, But Most Average Attendances In The League Are Between 20 000 And 35 000 People. BC Of Coarse Is On The Top End Of The Scale But Their Stadium Holds Up To 53 000

  2. Edmonton, I Don't Know How Old Green Bay Is And I Don't Think The Took The Idea Of Colours From Edmonton But The Eskimos Have Been Around Since 1897.

  3. Not Much, My Understanding Is That A Rouge Is The Name Of A Single.

  4. Don't Worry, That's Being A Hot Topic, It's Too Bad Your Picked The Riders Cause You And Saskargo Would've Gotten A Long Great.

  5. The Grey (With An E) Cup Is Named After Lord Earl Grey, The Governor General Of Canada, He Donated The Cup In 1909 For A Cost Of $48.

Welcome To Our Little Forum, And Thanks For Enjoying The CFL.

  1. A football team :smiley:
  2. Redundant, yes. Definitely repetitive and not needing repeating. . .
  3. Don't start. . .
  4. NFL emulates CFL - in EVERY case. . . :smiley:
  5. Nothing
  6. Named after royalty, hence pronunciation
  7. Named after Lord Grey

Excellent choice of team to root for, if I do say so myself. Now watch out for saskargo. . . :smiley:

edmonton’s football club’s existed since 1897, and the ‘eskimo’ name in 1910… but has been wearing the green and gold since 1949 …greenbay packers DIDN’T EXIST until 1919, and dint wear green and yellow until 1950…so the answer is, EDMONTON

proof that the packers started wearing green and yellow in 1950:

[url=http://www.packers.com/history/fast_facts/uniform_history/]http://www.packers.com/history/fast_fac ... m_history/[/url]

proof edmonton’s been wearing it since 1949:


seems odd the packers start wearing the green and yellow only ONE YEAR after the eskimos did…copy??..hmmm

nice choice of a team. Prepare for misery, heartbreak and ridicule!

An alouette is a bird. It is a type of lark. You missed a great argument a few months ago, someone missunderstood my explaination and thought is was french for bird as opposed to a type of bird.

On a side note the Grey cup is name after a person but Grey is the Canadian(British) spelling as opposed to the American Gray. LIke in Canada we are supposd to say COLOUR and not COLOR

My question for you is some what suppose to be taken as a joke…but Why the hell did you guys re-elect W? Please tell me you wheren’t one of the 58 million who did.

since ur cheerin for the riders ill give the bengals a shot (even tho i still like the bills better)


Hamilton's name is a combination of two teams that meaged in the 1950's, but I just call them, the Cats.

Edmonton had it frist.

Regina, that name is very wield, I admit that. Chage it, no, pronoce it differly? sure!

Rouge and Single are the same thing. you know what that is right mate?

I think I can tackle that BC Place upper deck tarped query. For a while, the Lions have had problems filling their Dome, so in order to, I guess, "make it look more intimate", they tarped off the upper deck's endzones with large team banners (at least they did in one end, dunno what they did on their Jumbotron side).

The Argos employed the same type of strategy this season by tarping off the southern side of the upper deck with XL pics of Argo legends (Shatto, Pinball, etc.), and tarping off the lower deck of the north end zone seats with the Argo logos from their start in 1873 til present day.

Welcome to the huddle, Mike. You say you didn't pick the Argos because you don't like the stadium. That's cool. Neither do a lot of Argo fans. I can relate to your point of view.

The Lions only open the upper deck when the bottom is sold out. They recently announced that the upper deck will now be open for the rest of the season. The Lions Den is more intimate when the bottom is full first. However, intimate is not the word when 55,000 rock the place. You can't even hear the person beside you without yelling. If the Leos host the Western Final again expect that many. As for the 93rd Grey Cup in Vancouver Nov. 27th....over 51,000 seats are already sold. I had a sore throat for a week after the Western final last year. I can't imagine how long it will take to recover if there are back to back games at BC Place and the Lions win. (Western Final and Grey Cup)

The CFL is the oldest sports league in North America. The Grey Cup is North America's oldest trophy.

and the ARGOS are north america's first PRO sports team!!!


  1. ALOUETTE.......it is a bird and in FRENCH , as in , FREEDOM FRIES.

  2. They are called the TI-CATS , because they only know 2 word sentances , like , ARGOS SUCK "

3 ...... B.C. .....missed the CHINESE , market.


  2. Because WE don't speak AMERICAN, we speak ENGLISH and FRENCH....see : ALOUETTE.

  3. THE GREY CUP......It was donated by LORD EARL GREY. A Canadian/British TEA company owner.

THE CFL.....has been around much longer than the NFL and the 1st GREY CUP was played in TORONTO , in 1909 on , ROSEDALE FIELD.There is a plaque there. :smiley: :lol: :wink: :lol: :smiley:

the Argos from TORONTO are 132 years old...

not the allouette discussion again!!!!!!

I'll cheer for the bengals as long as I can still cheer for my niners...
Its ok, they are in different conferences...
I can't give up on my niners now, they are in first place in the NFC west

Hey! Welcome to the forum! It's good to have an American around. I'm an NFL fan aswell, well.. HUGE NFL fan. Not as much CFL, but the Atlanta Falcons mean a ton to me. I'm almost as crushed as when they lose as when the Eskimos lose.. Good thing they beat the Eagles on Monday night :smiley: Like I knew they will.

And I found your Regina question hilarious. Man! You should have picked the Eskimos. The Riders haven't had a playoff game in... YEARS.. years.. years!! Eskimos have made the playoffs 33 consecutive years in a row. (North American Pro Sports record)

Welcome to the forum.. go Falcons, go Eskimos, go T.J. Houzmanshaoadaoheah!! (That guy is awesome, although I'm not to sure how to spell his name. Great receiver. Coolest smile in the world. Check Madden; The Video Game in 05)

Welcome to the CFL... SInce you picked the Riders... heres a little background on Regina...The City was named after Queen Victoria Regina.....and is commonly known as the Queen City ( and NO Freddy Mercury was not born here), alternate names considered were Pile Of Bones (damn glad they didnt pick that one) and Wascana ( which means "one who brings Pilsner") :wink:
You will also find on the back of Canadian coins the wording D.G.(Dei Gratia) Regina which is Latin for "By the Grace of God, Queen"

. . .I wonder how many of these young'uns here know who Freddy Mercury is. . .

With all due respect, jm02, if you're old enough to remember the first "Wayne's World" movie, you're old enough to remember "Ready Freddy" Mercury.

singing "Any way the wind blows..."