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Pretty much what the title says…

Why do the Lions O line hate Mike Reilly so much? The sack count WAS ridiculous but “ridiculous” has now been surpassed. I’ve been a Lions fan since the age of seven and although I’ve missed a few seasons during wilder years I can’t recall a gloomier looking start, and we’re past start at this point. Yes, 2011 started with 5 losses… but this is different.
I’ll support the team until they’re done for the season but unlike baseball, the window for saying things like “there’s still a lot of season to go” … well, that window is closing.

Random Musings No Clue

[ol]- The offensive line is considering perhaps now a “stink-off” in protest of Reilly for reasons unknown. They agree each, including all backups save the long snapper, to not shower for this week.

  • Reilly ought treat his offensive line and long snapper to a grilled steak and rotisserie chicken dinner on Tuesday night. Is that The Keg place any good, or need he go better?
  • Strange new football dolls revealing the possible practice of voodoo have been showing up in or near Reilly’s locker.
  • Reilly is consulting wisely now with his friend and alter-ego Aaron Rodgers for help in these trying times. He will not however buy insurance from State Farm. The requisite bounty of fine Canadian goods including lager beer is yet to be determined.[/ol]


I’ve wondered about this. At times it really does look like the line isn’t trying to protect Reilly, but I (perhaps incorrectly) believed they were professionals just getting beat at their positions.

This is where I really miss the true sports journalists.

Off topic in a general topic thread but am disappointed that Ryan Lankford’s two return td’s didn’t win someone $1,000,000. Guessing that deal was not renewed.

Sponsorship is also a reflection of market interest.

Actually quite a few return td’s so far this year. Might have been a few payouts already. Seems that’s the way it goes.

That’s right! I forgot about that!

Of course (and it may be the very indictment of why it wasn’t continued), I can’t remember the name of the business that sponsored that contest last year.

Wasn’t it Safeway / Sobey’s?

The return game and special teams are a key part of Canadian football that make for me and many for better enjoyment than for your average NFL game, for which they have ruined special teams play.

I wouldn’t think it would be as hard to find another sponsor and similar promotion for awesome kick return plays.

You’re absolutely right!

I don’t think we have Sobey’s in the states, so I remember that name.

So advertising DOES work!

The returns have to be Kickoff returns, not punts or missed field goals.

Is the promotion still going? Haven’t seen any promos for it this year.

Shoot! Make the new promotion for all returns then whatever the prize money! It’s guaranteed excitement and interest!

Looks like 6 kickoff return, 2 punt return and 3 missed field goal return touchdowns so far this year.

Rutley, Thigpen, Purifoy, Rainey, Whitehead, Lankford.

Langford and Purifoy in the same game so that should qualify under the old “win a million” deal I believe.

Sad to see the CFL lose any sponsorship but it could also be a TSN thing.

At this pace more than 30 return td’s in 2019. Gotta tighten up the special teams.

No way man let 'em run over 'em! ;D

It’s great for the game and always will be! It’s the only pro football of any kind left with so many kick returns for TD!